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Helper Manager

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A support panel containing many methods for adding point or dummy helpers to the scene, as well as options for baking, constraining, linking, duplicating existing hierarchies using helpers, or replacing them with a Bones System.

Rolling Ball

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Rolling Ball, is a Script for 3Ds Max that allows the automatic rotation of a ball in any direction and on any surface.

The Script mathematically calculates how much the ball should rotate and in what direction. Considering the distance traveled and the radius of the ball.

Mapping Operations

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Mapping Operations is designed to help you apply various relational functions, by relating directly one set of user selected objects to another set as a mapping text file.

realtime Spring and distance constraint

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based on minksox researches : http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/sox-dynamics

This one is easier to build, you only have to create points and select them in the right order.

UPDATE : 06.11.2012

corrections : edit text bug and lookat flip
Bake in keyframe and unbake new options.


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Creates an attachment constraint from one object to another. By default this tool generates a point helper to attach to another object. 

This is useful if you need a locator to follow a deforming mesh such as a point-cached character.


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AttachmentAlign is a script to get automaticaly postioned your Helper with an Attachment Constraint.

- So you got your mesh (Editable Poly) ...
- You place your target (Point Helper), where you want the helper to be on your mesh (If you want to, use AutoGrid) ...
- Run the script and pick the mesh & helper

-> A new helper will be created and attachment constraint to the surface of the mesh at nearly the point were your target is.

Highest accuracy does take rly long and is not effective enough, i think, so use the default...

Chain Rigger

29 votes

Chain Rigger


created by Mayec Rancel

Chain Rigger

This tool creates a simulation rig for a chain (free or constrained) with a few simple steps. The rig is an optimized one, very stable and fast to simulate, based on a reactor rope.

Link Constraint Floater

17 votes

This is one of my favorites. A tiny floater for dealing with an object that has a Link Constraint as its transforms. Instead of being stuck to the little motion panel window this will free you from that.

Makes it a lot easier for animating with the Link Constraint. Watch the video to see how easy it works.

Path Position Animation Controller 1.0

14 votes

Was trying to animate tank treads simpler, so I searched and found Jeff Brown's Chain Tread script. After using it I wanted to create a simpler way to increase, decrease or stop the speed of the treads on the fly. Thus I created this script.


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Use this script to add a link constraint controller to an object then pick the target you want the link to become active. The target will be added at the current frame time.If the Link Constraint controller is already applied then this script will allow you to add a new target at the current frame.

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