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Friendly Pose Manager Tool in Python.

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3ds Max 2015
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PySide2 or 3 update...

Hi, thanks for sharing this handy tool. It works well in max 2016 but unfortunately it does not work in max 2020-21 due to PySide2 or 3 changes.

Can it be fixed please?

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Does not work on newer versions of 3ds max

Max has been upgraded to use a newer Python version in 2017 or 2018, and this script is calling the older PySide module, which is now named PySide2. Might be easy to change in the script, but it is encrypted Maxscript (.mse). Don't think the dev is planning an udate :(

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Dosen't work with biped

Dosen't work with biped unfortunately. Too bad...

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not work with CAT in 3dsmax2015 ols help

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CAT pipeline

Hey guys,
THis is an amazing script, really helpful specially for CAT users. I have been using it it with CAT rigs and really helps to create animations. In order to use it with CAT, You must 1st :
-Create gizmos so you can control each bones of CAT(if you want to pose hand gestures you also need to create gizmos for each digit)
-turn animation mode on the motion tab
-make a pose with your rig, and select each of the controllers than click save pose on the pose manager. You can make many more poses this way.
-in order to animate the poses,select all the controlers first, use the set keyor auto key option to set key. and voila.
thanks for the script yuri

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Thank you very much! I really

Thank you very much! I really appreciate that!
Cant wait to test it when you manage to find time to add it on your script.

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Hi jgk1981 , thanks for the

Hi jgk1981 , thanks for the comment.
I will try to implement the use with Biped.

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Hi, this script its for 3ds Max 2015+. sry

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I love that this tool don't

I love that this tool don't need to add any parameter on the rigg in order to work and that makes it even easier when you want to pass the scene on another computer that is not having that script installed. But is it possible to work on Character Studio(Biped) too? It stores the poses as thumbnail but is not paste it when you are click on it. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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3ds Max 2014


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