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Pose Manager

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Friendly Pose Manager Tool in Python.

Multiple Import to Layer

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This is a simple script just to show how to use python in max with the new MaxPlus.

This requires PySide installed.

To install unzip, the contents to the final directory, and run this in maxscript listener:

python.executefile "path to file"

Press control after pressing return (i know it's not the best approach, but this will install the macro so we can use later).
Press Shift for no import options.


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A first public release of duberPython, a dotNET plugin that bridges MAXScript and Python scripting, is finally available.

A battle tested plugin used by such as Pixomondo or Orbit Studio, can be yours!

The main purpose for this plugin is the ability to communicate with Python APIs, such as Shotgun (for which there is also a wrapper that I wrote, available on request) or Tactic, or your Python tools of choice!

The plugin takes care of all the necessary data type conversions so that strings in MAXScript are strings in Python, booleans in MAXScript are booleans in Python etc...

Camera Mixer

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Camera Mixer v0.1  Camera Mixer  is a real-time sequence editing tool.

It allows you to start editing draft sequences without starting any heavy film editing software.

Features :

- Real time playing
- File Open/Save
- Export the mix to 3dsmax’s batch renderer
- Save a preview of the whole mix
 - Usual UI controls : snap, delete/repace, mute/solo, move track up/down

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