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A scripted helper plugin designed primarily for storing, animating and editing poses in a bone based facial rig, offering the control of a bone based rig and the speed of the morpher modifier.

+++ UPDATE: Now includes mirror pose functionality.

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Pose Store UI


The helper allows you to add control objects at any time, as well as edit poses while preserving any animation already completed. It works by freezing the control object(s) transforms and using a separate position and rotation controller for each pose. The weights of these controllers are then wired to the pose store helpers attributes for that pose. This is important to note, as adding a control object will reset the objects controllers. If your rig requires, say, a position controller, a simple workaround would be to setup these controllers on a point helper, and link the control object to the helper.

Included in the ZIP archive is the maxscript and readme file.


Copy the "PoseStore.Helper.v0.3.ms" file to your <<3ds Max>>\Scripts\Startup directory. This will load the script on startup.

If you have a previously installed version you must remove it before copying the current version.

Pose Store is a scripted helper plugin, and can be found under Helpers >> Pose Store within the Command Panel >> Create.



New Feature - Ability to mirror poses.
Improvement - Substantial rewrite of existing functionality, improving reliability and performance.
Bug Fix - Cloning a pose store helper now resets the helpers properties to the defaults, preventing errors with multiple helpers affecting the same control objects.
Bug Fix - Added check preventing adding a control object which is already a control object of another pose store helper.


Bug Fix - Improved handling of control objects which have been deleted from the scene.


Improvement - Shortened duplicate pose header to reduce the space used in the saved poses list.
Bug Fix - Add Control Objects button is now disabled until the helper is created in the scene.
Bug Fix - Modified selection filter to also exclude tape helpers, as their transforms cannot be frozen.


New Feature - Ability to duplicate poses based on the current multiplier.
Bug Fix - Multiplier slider now updates after deleting a pose.


New Feature - Ability to rename saved poses.
New Feature - Ability to remove control objects.
Bug Fix - setMesh error on loading file in new Max session.
Bug Fix - AnimTrack controller not being set active after editing a pose.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2008+


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olston3d's picture

Is this work with CAT?

Is this work with CAT?

mr-bullfrog's picture

Apologies for the dead link,

Apologies for the dead link, had some issues renewing the domain. I've updated the download link.

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Hello i'm new at this Website i just want this amazing script.

Please if somebody has it, it would be really nice if someone could send it to me, or do a mirror from te file


lordraidis's picture

holy shit!!! i think i just

holy shit!!! i think i just came in my own eye...

you sir, win the prize for the greatest posing MAX plugin/script ever made! i've been looking for something like this for a LONG time. you just made my life 2 billion times easier. thank you for making this!!!!!! dang thing is even controller complient!!! how cool is that??

Nid's picture

thx a lot my friend...

thx a lot my friend...

mr-bullfrog's picture

You're very welcome!

You're very welcome!

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I go test this. Thanks guy.

I go test this. Thanks guy.

The life is Good

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