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Prism is the render pass manager for 3ds Max, which was developed by me in Altspace. It significantly simplifies the process of creating and managing render passes. With the intuitive user interface you can quickly create an unlimited number of passes in a single output file. Prism is easy to install and configure, it’s based on native Max script and works with 3ds Max 2012 and above. It supports network rendering using Autodesk Backburner and Thinkbox Deadline, and does not require separate installation on a render farm’s computers. Prism supports all popular rendering systems, including V-Ray 3.0 and Corona renderer. Prism provides a large variety of different settings in each pass, making possibilities limitless, also the handy system of file naming templates lets you easily find your rendered output.

Prism (previously called LPM 2.0) is a fork of lukas pass manager, it was renamed to avoid confusion. Thanks to all who participated in "lpm_pro_v1.096_max2014_beta1" developing (Lukas Lepicovsky, Jakub Jeziorski, Mike Samoilov, John Martini). It was good start for me in august 2014.

What's new in version 1.4


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2012 and above


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Note: LPM 2.0 is not official next version of original LPM. Sergey rejected invitation to join to original developers and inject his code to main thread. Also Sergey agreed with rename his fork of the LPM. By the way, latest version of LPM available on Github

Royal Ghost |

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Paypal in Russian

I can't read Russian and when I try to donate with Paypal it doesn't work, could you set up and English page too?

Mike Kennedy

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One thing thats not working

I found this one, The Render ever ride doesn't seem to be working, IF I have Final Gather off in a pass but on in the Max settings, it will render final gather even though the render over ride is set not too.

We are using Deadline, not sure if that's at fault, but 1.09 and Deadline were working for this.

Mike Kennedy

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Missing features from V109

Hi Mike. Thanks for support. I'll do my best to make every user happy ))

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Missing features from V109

These missing features from v109 would be great to have in v2:

Default pass setup with a object pass and a light pass added when you create a new pass.
Saves a few clicks, though I can understand some folks would prefer to roll their own.

Locked camera in the main panel. Not sure if it is hidden, be nice to have to avoid rendering the wrong window.

I like the changes so far and bought the scripts to support!

Mike Kennedy

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Baking textures

There is no baking textures yet.

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Bake Textures

Does it work for baking textures?

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Great job. Simple and clean.


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Thanks for kind words. I'll try to support LPCM 2.0 as much as I can. My main aim is to give people convenient, fast, stable and free tool for managing their 3ds max projects. Also very important to continue development and go with the times.

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Magnificent tool, i will donate...

Grover thank you very much for your kind and clean work.
One question please, can you please support finalRender R3.5 with your tool?
Other question, when finalRender 4GPU (trueHybrid rendering) comes out in few months, can you support it also(i believe it could work with R3.5 supported, but just in case)?

Once again, thank you very much, worth a donation for sure...

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