ProPal: Projection Tools Foliage and Tiling Textures

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Shawn Olson

ProPal is a scripted geometry plugin and special custom attributes to work with Projection modifiers and InodeBakeProjProperties and InodeBakeProperties to quickly convert geometry into tiling textures with various render elements. For any geometry that needs to be baked into a seamless U tile (or a seamless V tile) this tool helps you accomplish it very fast.

Also includes ProPalBoard. ProPalBoard allows you to easily project multiple angles of objects onto a sprite sheet and back in a simple process. See the video below on how it can help you to quickly create texture sheets and foliage templates for games.

Additional Info: 

Version 1.24

* Fixed some bugs in the custom attributes and global helper class for managing the ProPal and ProPalBoard functions.

Version 1.23

* Fixed some bugs with the custom attributes assigned to Projection Modifiers.

Version 1.22

* Added Matte Wrapper function to create Tubes with a Matte/Shadow materials to surround ProPalBoard helper targets to speed up the render setup process.

* Fixed a bug with creating a ProPalBoard and the ProPal Projection custom attribute settings would not update the base object values.

Version 1.21

* Updated the populate method in ProPalBoard to include new options for hooking into the WW Detailer plugin.

Version 1.2

* Added ProPalBoard geometry class.

* Updated the default material to have black specular color and a specular level of 0.

Version 1.1

* Added New Option to use a Normal Bump texture when outputting textures and making the material.

* Updated Render function to name the new material off of the ProPal node name.

* Updated the Render function to name all bitmap texture nodes off of the node name and the element name.

* Updated Render function to create the output folder if it does not exist.

Version Requirement: 
Probably 3ds Max 2008+ (developed in 2015-2016)
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I've updated the product to

I've updated the product to include a sample scene for the image at the top of this page to demonstrate the plugin in use.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

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I knew the explanation

I knew the explanation wouldn't be enough :) I added a video.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

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with cptSwing video could help

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video might help sales

hey shawn, i've just skimmed the explanatory text on your site, but i haven't fully grasped what this tool does - and the pictures don't help much. maybe a short video would help?

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