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This script quickly brings together a large number of objects. just this script can be used to reset Xforms.

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- this script disables undo of 3ds max, and programm doesn't crash with error "out of memory"
- very fast work with a few thousand objects
- Normals button fixes the problem with the normals. Sometimes it does not become the normal right after the attach operation.

work with materials:
If you selected Editable Mash, then the materials will be assigned to the new object as a "Math Material IDs to Material" and "Condence Material and IDs"

If chosen Editable Poly, then the materials will be assigned to a new object based on the most recent settings Attach Options to Editable Poly. To change create two Editable Poly object with different materials and make Attach one to the other. In the dialog box, change the Attach Options.

for installing you should drag&drop script into 3ds Max or make "Run script..." from menu scripts
Find it in Customize -> Customize user interface -> Toolbars.
Category: # Scripts

How it works:
Select several objects, and run script.

--version 1.82 --
-- now work with splines too

--version 1.8 --
- add function "Devide by materials".
- fix some bugs

-- version 1.71 --
- Now, you can change how many objects will be in the one group

-- version 1.7 --
- fix error in 2009 max

-- version 1.6 --
- add case type of geometry

-- version 1.5 --
- now process can be break
- work undo, if count selected objects less 300

-- version 1.4 --
- Fix some bugs
- add function edit normals
- add progress bar

-- version 1.3 --
- Create Editable Poly from selected objects

-- version 1.1 --
- Create Editable Mesh from selected objects
use this version, if yuo have problem with version for Edit poly


quickattach_1.1.ms1.04 KB
quickattach_v1.5.mcr3.45 KB
quickattach_v1.71.mcr5.26 KB
quickattach_v1.8.mcr5.87 KB
quickattach_v1.82.mcr6.42 KB


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1rv's picture

Anton it's genius! A huge

Anton it's genius! A huge update!
I PM'd you some question, could you take a look please?

antomor's picture

to 1rv

Update a version. Try it

1rv's picture

The rocksolid keystone of my

The rocksolid keystone of my work flow! Many thanks Antomor!
Can you add 'spline attach' mode (that could outperform Soulburn's one, which is freezing forever dealing 1000+ lines)?

Edge's picture


Thanks a lot!!
You save my time about 1500% ))))
with Nail B. script i spend about 15 minets to collapse many objects (max stopped working, restarting and other fun))
This script do it job for about i minute!!! (8000 objects in one time)

asymptote's picture


Every other method takes for ever, wrecks the normals, and locks up Max.
This has just saved me a whole heap of pain.

antomor's picture

re Material ID

read please description. I can not control it in the script, and can be described as an option to do it manually.

fffungy's picture

Material ID

Super tool! But only wish this script could keep existing Material ID's. Right now it clears all custom ID's.

feddark's picture

very handy tool! I often use

very handy tool! I often use this!

roamn's picture

OMG! :-)

OMG! Beautiful! It works, and it works lighting fast :-)!

Thanks again.

BTW any hint if you will ever do similiar quick script for DETEACHING elements?

antomor's picture

to roamn

This function available in 3ds Max 2011 and higher.
You can delete this line. Script do work, but you do not see progress.
Try fix this error.
Update a version. Try now.

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