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This is a small script for completely removing all references to missing plugins from your 3ds Max scene. For more details when running the tool, make sure to also read the info printed to the MAXScript listener.

Use with care (!) and do not save the results under the same file name!

The script will replace any missing plugin object with the first usable alternative object of the same class (e.g. a missing render effect will be replaced by the first available render effect). I cannot give any guarantees this will not mess up your data, your machine or your live.

Additional Info: 

To run it, just open the scene that reports missing plugins and run the script by drag-and-drop or through the MAXScript > Run menu.

In the MAXScript listener, you can find some additional information on what was replaced.

Minimal testing so far - please let me know if it works for you (or not), thanks!

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008+


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If I understand correctly,

If I understand correctly, the script does not crash but the resulting scene does when using Layer Explorer afterwards? Of course, that should not happen but it sounds more like a 3ds Max problem. All the script does is replace the parts marked as "missing" with the first possible part compatible with the missing one. While this could produce a scene that renders funnily, it should not crash.

What was missing in your scene? And can you try a different version of 3ds Max?

I am happy to take a look at the original scene and try to find out why/what crashed.

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Not so good

Does the script work so well for all users? "Layer explorer" crashed after the script is triggered (does not display objects or layers) in 3ds Max 2017.

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Works well with Max 2018

Works well with Max 2018

"Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little."

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Thank you for the script

Thank you for the script

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Thanks for the feedback. The

Thanks for the feedback. The same info that you see in the message box is also printed to the MAXScript listener - there you can read the full list.

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works perfectly in Max 2017

Great job, very helpful. Removed old dlls of a render engine in one step. Thanks man!
You only could correct the information window, it is not resizable and I could not see all the information of every items fixed

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works in 2016 x64

works in 2016 x64

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Work perfectly

Work with no problem with 3dsmax 2017 19.0 SP3

Thanks a lot !

Arnaud ALB LE BOT AKA Harnelbe Mammakinna

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great thanks

great thanks

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