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Ivan Tepavicharov

Render different types of masks (Luminance, RGB, Reflection, Lights/Shadows, ObjectsID, SSS, Texture, AO, ZDepth, Specular, Refraction). The script don't affect the scene materials, lights and render settings. Support "FumeFX" and "HairFarm".

 Version: 5.82.0

  • change SaveDialog
  • add "JPEG, BMP, Cineon, V-Ray image, HDRI" format when save image
  • some interface bugs fixed
  • update "SAVE Mask in 3dsmax File"
  • update "Mask State"
  • add more options to determine ZDepth ("Drag", "3 Point")

Version: 5.81.0

  • fix "Keep Opacity Map" working with MultiMaterial
  • add "Rename" button in "Mask State"



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Category "IllusionBoxStudio"

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2012 - 2016


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zrK's picture


Hello again :) I took the liberty to hire a talented guy who modified your script with my previous request. Here is a link to this version that i find very very usefull, maybe you can add those mods into your installer if you find them interresting ? Cheers

(Credit Andriy Pogribniy)

zrK's picture

Frame Buffer

Hello Ivan :) Using your script almost everyday, i am wondering if a slight tweak could be possible ?
I'm using the Vray Frame Buffer, and it would be fantastic if RenderMask could force using the max Frame buffer instead ?

That would preserve the previous render (for region renders for examples) and mainly, that would avoid the color corrections or exposure corrections applied on the VFB, that affect a lot the masks !!

I have no idea if this is possible though ...


ale_i3's picture


Hi, if you want that Rendermask work fine with Forest pro, you have to unchheck the CONSOLIDATE button on the Geometry panel in each Forest object. ;-)

Duckraid's picture

Forest Pack Support

First we would like to thank you for the life saver script its our number one script in the office:).
We are trying to use RenderMask with the Forest Pack plugin Pro from itoo soft.
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, most of the time it does not work and we tried several tricks and modes (Wirecolors, Luminance etc..) selecting at the same time the distributed elements and the surface we are scattering on, non of these works. So I thought sharing this with you.
Thank you a lot for your efforts and the good work.

Growanimated's picture

Almost perfect.. almost! Except opacity map issue.. :(

Thanks for your script.

But there is an issue with the opacity map option. The rendered matte cutout and the foreground object material opacity don't match up!

Perhaps this is because of 2 sided material?

Is there a way to fix this? Or am I missing something?

3ds max "matte element with object id" works perfectly but using it render times are a lot bigger.


zrK's picture

Fantastic ! thank you for the

Fantastic ! thank you for the update !!

Ivan Tepavicharov's picture

"*.jpg" support, Done.

"*.jpg" support, Done.

MaximuM's picture

Thank you !

Hi Ivan,

It is a great news for me that you have updated this wonderful script (I'm talking about the long awaited Multimaterial feature).
I'm going to wait the next update with the output's format lock feature asked by zrK to do the update though :)

Thank you again !

Ivan Tepavicharov's picture

For 3dsmax 2013 - 2015 look

For 3dsmax 2013 - 2015 look in 'macroscripts' folder in 3dsmax root. Find 'IBS_RenderMask.mcr' or 'rRenderMask.mcr' and delete it.
Install script again.

No problem for '.jpg' format, check for update soon.

zrK's picture

Thanks a lot Ivan for your

Thanks a lot Ivan for your work ! i'm impatient to test this !!!
I'm facing a problem installing this version, it seems to interfer with a previous
installed version. I'm stuck on the 5.77.5
Is there any to clean/uninstall previous and reinstall the new one ?
(Only one computer did this, others install correctly)

Also i was wondering if this is possible to lock the output's format, for exemple on *.jpg files when you hit the "Render Mask" button, just like 3ds max do ?

Your script should be fully intagrated into 3ds max, a must have ! Cheers !!

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