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Ivan Tepavicharov

Render different types of masks (luminance, RGB, env.reflection, light, objectsID, SSS, texture, AO, ZDepth, Specular, BlackHole). The script don't affect the scene materials, lights and render settings. Support "FumeFX" an "HairFarm"

v.5.78.8 - “Ambient”, “Texture” and “Specular” masks support MentalRay, MaterialID” mask work with “Keep OpacityMap”

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Category "IllusionBoxStudio"

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3dsmax 8, 3dsmax 9, 3dsmax 2008 - 2015


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VrayRT support

Hi mate,

Will this great plugin get support for VrayRT any time soon ?


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luminance dont work with keep opacity map

If I have more than one object in the scene which covers the subject I want to do the mask, opacity map works as if you've applied to all objects.
Even if I have two objects with different opacity map again to mask apply one of the two maps.
Thank you in advance for your solution to this problem.

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Anybody else in this world

Anybody else in this world needs a stable life. - Marla Ahlgrimm

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Ivan, many thanks for really

Ivan, many thanks for really amazing tool.
May I ask you what render settings should be used to achieve this level of antialiasing? I simply can't get this quality in my VrayWireColor, VrayMtlSelect and other passes.
Thank you in advance.

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Deactivate effects on mask render ?

Hi, you're script is a real timesaver !
Thanks for sharing it !

I was wondering if you could add the environment's effects deactivation when rendering a mask ?
(For example, pass renders white when having a fog in the Environment)

And maybe set the background to white for AO and Shadow pass (Easier when blending it in Photoshop)

I managed to make it simply by putting a line in your script:
if mask_type_rdo.state == 6 or mask_type_rdo.state == 10 then (backgroundColor = white) else (backgroundColor = black)

but it's not perfect with the Shadow Pass ; background renders transparent gray because of the VrayColorMapping...

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Opacity map doesn't work with Multi/Sub object


Your script is great but the "Keep OpacityMap" option doesn't work with Multi/Sub-Object materials (VRay 3, 3dsmax Design 2015). I see I am not the only person interested by this feature.

Do you plan to update it ?
It would be much appreciated :D

Thank you

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Any chance to have an Octane render workflow ?

Any chance to have an Octane render workflow ?

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problem with keep opacity map

don't work with keep opacity map! test with 3ds max 2014 & vray3.03. pleaase help!!!

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Problem with Opacity on Multisubtextures

Hi, awesome script, I use it daily at work and it helps alot!

One problem: When I render a mask of a multisubmaterial object then opacity maps will not be masked correctly. Your script applies one opacity mask to the whole object, not only the material id the opacity map belongs to. Here is a possible fix for the "White Material -- Luminance" section, but it doesnt always work:

	local multisub = multisubmaterial numsubs:i.mat.materialList.count
	for n=1 to i.mat.materialList.count do
		local standardmat = StandardMaterial diffuse:white selfIllumAmount:100
		standardmat.opacityMap = i.mat.materialList[n].texmap_opacity
		multisub.materialList[n] = standardmat
	i.material = multisub

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