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Ivan Tepavicharov

Render different types of masks (Luminance, RGB, Reflection, Lights/Shadows, ObjectsID, SSS, Texture, AO, ZDepth, Specular, Refraction). The script don't affect the scene materials, lights and render settings. Support "FumeFX" and "HairFarm".

 Version: 5.82.3

  • add support "Deadline 8"
  • add support "CoronaRender" (partly)
  • bug fixed in "MaskState" when save "ObjectsID" mask


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Category "IllusionBoxStudio"

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2012 - 2017


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Ivan Tepavicharov's picture

Max froze while Render Mask

I can not do anything if I do not have a maxfile that is causing the problem.


vinai.v's picture

Max froze while Render Mask was trying to reneder a mask

Hi Ivan,

This is a wonderful tool ,it has have saved me a lot of time in my workflow.
Thank you very much for sharing it. Love it..

At the moment Max crashed while rendermask was trying to render a scene leaving the scene in that mask state. Now all my cameras render in that mask state.

Could you/anyone please help me to revert the scene back to the normal state?
It would save a days work for me.

Thanks in advance

nunoqsm's picture

Thanks Ivan!

It works like a charm :D
Keep up the amazing job!

Ivan Tepavicharov's picture


from installation file try to use 2017 version, i don't have max2018 but should be work.

Ivan Tepavicharov's picture


find "IBS_RenderMask.mcr" in MacroScripts folder inside 3dsmax root and deleted.

nunoqsm's picture

Max 2018


This script is really useful, I use it on a daily basis!
Could you please update it to Max2018?

karimje's picture


How can I uninstall rendermask? Please help!

jexororo's picture

MaxScript rollout handler exception - "vfb_autosave_enable"

Hi, thanks a lot for this script. It's part of my workflow since the day i found it!

I'm trying to use it with Corona, but i'm getting an error every time i try to render a mask. I'm attaching you a printscreen of the problem.

Thanks again for taking the time, creating and improving this script!


zrK's picture

already done !

Hello Alex, this modified version of the script bring that feature, using the Max FB instead of the VFB !!

" Submitted by zrK on Fri, 2016-04-15 07:28.

Hello again :) I took the liberty to hire a talented guy who modified your script with my previous request. Here is a link to this version that i find very very usefull, maybe you can add those mods into your installer if you find them interresting ? Cheers

(Credit Andriy Pogribniy)

Unfortunately, Ivan didn't kept those changes into his release, i found them very usefull for production

skeay's picture

Deadline 8


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