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Paul Neale

PEN Reset Xform is designed to make the task of resetting xforms on objects easier. This is done by automating the process of locating objects that need to have their xforms orthogonalized and or normalized. Objects that have been mirrored at the object level or scaled at the object level in any way will result in a transform matrix that doesn't have all of its axes at right angles to each other or the axes are not one unit in length. 

Designed to ease the task of resetting the transform matrix on scaled or mirrored objects. Models that have had their transform matrix scaled by either using the scale tool at the object level or objects that have been mirrored using the Mirror tool in the main tool bar will exhibit strange behavior later in the pipe line. Scaling, especially non-uniform scaling will affect the children in a hierarchy, making them skew as they rotate. Modifiers like Skin will not work correctly as they are based off the object transform of the node that they have been added to. If the object transform has not been reset envelopes and mirroring will not work as expected.

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Installation: Down load PEN_resetXform.mzp and drag and drop it in the Max view port. This tool is still in beta so it only being copied to 3DSmax\scripts folder. Marco scripts have not been included as of yet so the script will need to be run from the scripts folder for the time being.

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alnoman's picture

A simple idea to add on

This is a time saver script for a big scene.
perfect for people who is doing archviz.

also, can you help us to add a function like. preserve meshmooth and turbosmooth modifier?

idea: (probably you dont need)
*make an objects list who has these modifires.
*turn off these mods and apply the PEN Reset Xform.
*auto asign these modifires of listed objects again.

Thanks again for the great script!!

Wilbert's picture

OK, I'll answer my own

OK, I'll answer my own question ;-)

- Rename .mzp to .zip
- Unpack file
- copy scripts folder to Max root folder
- drag .mcr \PEN_resetXform_V2-01-02\ui\macroscripts\PEN_resetXform.mcr to Max viewport
- Find scripts under Customize User Interface - Catergory: PEN Tools

Wilbert's picture

I get a 'can't open file -

I get a 'can't open file - "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\ui\macroscripts\PEN_restXform.mcr" error when I drop the .mzp in the viewport.
This is probably because the 3dS Max standardpaths have been changed since this was written.
I really need this script, is there some way to get it installed ?


kurt_hectic's picture

thx and solution for some HUGE problem

hi, manny thx for this tool : reset x form + save position of pivot! it was that i was looking for 2 days! aaaaaaaa wrrrrr

i m working with a lot of instanced objects in 3ds max. after i done some job i realise i didnt use reset x form on my master object that i was copy as instance! i was just fucked up. but after all i used your script ( 1st i used collapse max tool, than use your sctipt for reset x form without changing a pivot!!!) and after this i use instance replace script! after all i just use option hierarchy>pivot>move object to pivot pisition (becouse after i used instance replace script all object just flip or so, but they still have a good pivot position! so i just click hierarchy>pivot >move object to pivot pisition and HAPPY END!

i get instanced objects after resetx form on the same position where i just set up at start!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for my english but my mind looks like potato after all :o


cirifischio's picture

Great plugin, thanks!

Great plugin, thanks!

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