Shutdown Computer after render with automatic phone call

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If you have a render that take a long time and you want to go to sleep or to go out your office this script will shutdown your PC after the render is completed.

- Shutdown will shutdown the computer

- Logout will Log off the user

- Quit 3ds Max will exit 3ds Max

- Force Close All Applications will forces running applications to close without warning

- Wait Before Shutdown will let you Set a given time for shutdown, in seconds


Addtional Notes:


Let’s say that you need to cancel a shutdown in progress. hit Windows Key + R then type  shutdown -a


Before any action the script will save your scene in the folder of your choice under the name SavedBeforeShutdown.max


For Security the script will check if there is a specified output path before render

Please be carfull using this script and test it to know how it work before using it on an important job 

the script is tested on windows XP but should work on win 7 or vista


1-Run  Shoutdown My Computer.mzp from maxscript menu (maybe restart 3ds max is needed) 

2-customize>customize user interface> toolbars category popa_3d scripts then drag it to your desired toolbar.

for phone call detailled informations can be found on the attached pdf file on how to configure your pc (windows xp) 

hope you like it and find it usefull !  if so please vote up :)

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 7 and up
shoutdown_my_computer.zip403.94 KB
shutdown_my_computer_by_popa.pdf458.4 KB


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Man i loved this script. I really wanna say THANKS!!

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Hi MB3D I have done an update for you now you can choose the folder of your choice to save the scene...

I don't understand your 2nd comment what do you mean by batch render?

animation render? render multiple 3ds max scene? render multiples cameras view?...please explain and please redid the test under windows 7...

happy that you like it.

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Hi popa, Thanks for your effort, i really need something like this, maybe you can include on an update, my comments below:

1) Can you make a button to select where save the backup file? give an error, because win7 dont give the chance to write on "C" Disk (I think ....)
2) Can you make a connection between Batch Render and the "Shutdown Button"?
This would be great, if not, you must wait, jejeje .....

Aniway, Thanks for your WORK!


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thanks for this ill give it a test ;)

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