Shutdown Computer after render with automatic phone call

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If you have a render that take a long time and you want to go to sleep or to go out your office this script will shutdown your PC after the render is completed.

- Shutdown will shutdown the computer

- Logout will Log off the user

- Quit 3ds Max will exit 3ds Max

- Force Close All Applications will forces running applications to close without warning

- Wait Before Shutdown will let you Set a given time for shutdown, in seconds


Addtional Notes:


Let’s say that you need to cancel a shutdown in progress. hit Windows Key + R then type  shutdown -a


Before any action the script will save your scene in the folder of your choice under the name SavedBeforeShutdown.max


For Security the script will check if there is a specified output path before render

Please be carfull using this script and test it to know how it work before using it on an important job 

the script is tested on windows XP but should work on win 7 or vista


1-Run  Shoutdown My Computer.mzp from maxscript menu (maybe restart 3ds max is needed) 

2-customize>customize user interface> toolbars category popa_3d scripts then drag it to your desired toolbar.

for phone call detailled informations can be found on the attached pdf file on how to configure your pc (windows xp) 

hope you like it and find it usefull !  if so please vote up :)

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 7 and up
shoutdown_my_computer.zip403.94 KB
shutdown_my_computer_by_popa.pdf458.4 KB


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Had to remove it from my computer.

After pressing render even without running script it caused max not to crash but seize to do anything. Once I remove the script from max directories everything was fine. Just making you aware of the problem. Max 2014 x64. VRay 2.4.

Also when using the script, cancelling the render does the same thing.

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Hi Popa, sorry for the delay in responding, I answer your question:

When I render I I have two situations:

1) several cameras in the scene, thus using Batch render (the problem here is that it has its own render Batch rendering window), it would be great if your script could turn off the computer at the end of the last chamber.

2) That you have an animated camera that is located in different positions (1 frame of animation for each new camera position, when rendering is the same as an animation).

If something is not understood, please show me that, and I try again.

Thanks for answering and for your time, when you update the script, I try and tell you.

Excellente Script!


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Do not get my words so hard ;) from my point of view, this is a common knowledge (i.e. already available everywhere for free). It's good to hide treasure code, but of'cuz everybody decide itself what is valuable for him.

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it is just that I don't want that other one modify it and put it under his name I think I have right to do this.
I didn' encrypt the script because the complexity of the code I made this script for my personal use and wanted to share it...maybe you know max script but there are people who don't and even they wanted such a thing they can't do it.

sorry if you don't like it and don't find it usefull...

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Hi Popa_3d

I not tested your script as I never shutdown my computer as the OS need the idle time for it work. As for quit the Max is easy, so I just wonder why the script is encripted, that's all ;)

And shutdown is easy as well:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 0

(edit) woops, "-r" switch was for reboot, "-s" is for shutdown

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popa_3d's picture

HI anubis!

Can you explain what are you trying to do? I didn't use any callbacks in this script just do max quick render... then shutdown log off or quit max have you find any error?

max quick render
quitMAX #noPrompt
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about closing Max after render...

callbacks.removeScripts id:#quitMax
callbacks.addScript #postRender \
"quitMAX #noPrompt" id:#quitMax

...or I miss something?

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I will do this when I find some time...

I will do this when I find some free time as alternative you can call your mobile this way it will ring and wake you up (tested on xp)

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Hi~plz do music call when render finished!!

Hi~plz do music call when render finished!!
That's mean when the rendering is finished,the script will automatically play the music so that it can wake me up!!!please !!!it's really important for me

popa_3d's picture

Now with automatic phone call :)

thank you ! a good news now the script can call you when the render is finished.(tested on windows xp) configuration help can be found on the attached pdf

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