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This is my first script.Made for fun. Actually i needed to move selected uv clusters exactly 1 uv tile in witch direction i choose so i made a script. And added a few things...

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To install it go to Maxscript/RunScript and then run it. After that go to customize/customize user interface and under category choose "Simply Cool"

Its pretty much self explanatory

Move clusters is used to move selected cluster exactly 1 tile in witch direction you choose.

ScaleUVSelection is used to scale your selected clusters. If you are unwrapping with normalize unchecked than you know that it comes out big to the 0-1 tile. So you can scale it using those buttons. Scale/8 should be used in that case and then the rest of them. This way you can keep consistency of scaling across multiple cluster with multiple mappings applied to them.

Straighten Verticles, this one is used to make rows of verticles strait. Max2010 users allready have this built in but max2009 and lower do not have. So for max2010 user this is pretty much useless.

Transfer UV-s, if you have to identical objects but one has UV coordinated and other doesnt (usefull when you are unwraping in an external app but you don't want to alter the original mesh) so you can transfer the UV-s from one object to the other.

Mapping Methods,

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used to apply one of the 3 mapping methods to the selection of objects, not just one object. You can adjust the parameters and those parameters are then applied to the selected objects.

Quick Mapping dialog

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Its tested on max2009,max2010 and max 2011. It should be max7 and up compatable.

Use it at your own risk.

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v0.45 - Ive added a quick mapping dialog. Basically what it does, when you press the coresponding button it selects a mapping method, applies a coresponding axis and turns off the mapping method.

- Added tooltips


v0.4 - Added Mapping methods section. Basically what it does it uses the mapping methods from the Unwrap window but it works on selected objects. Not just one object. So you can select like 10 objects and apply to all a Mapping type with the parameters you choose.


v0.3 - Rewrote the whole thing so now everything works when multiple objects are selected.

Changed the UI a little bit.


v0.2 - Added an UV transfering option. If you have 2 objects that have the same topology but one has UV-s and the other doesn't thats the option for you. Pick the source, and then pick the destination and you are done.

I've also added a spinner for the scale. Note that a value greather than one scales up and smaller value than one scales down.


v0.15 - Ive added a button to add unwrap modifier and the edit button from the unwrap modifier so you dont have to digg in the command pannel


v0.1 - Added the script

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max7 and up
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SimplyCoolUVTool_v0.45.ms21.1 KB


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Updated the script to v0.4.

Updated the script to v0.4. :)

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I don't know if thats

I don't know if thats possible to do but as far as my workflow goes its kinda like this. I unwrap and pack it into 0-1 space and then move the selected cluster to a side with the button on my script. And then unwrap another set and move both to the left for example. If you want to move it back you just click the right button and you are good to go.

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Call for script addition. I

Call for script addition.
I don't know if this script tool exists or not.

I want to have the UV editor place the mapped faces from tools like unfold or quick planar map or cylindrical in the UV square under my cursor, not the default UV square.

Imagine I've laid out a few mapping sheets to the right of the default UV square and as I keep working, I have to jump back there to pick up and move the newly mapped faces as they are unwrapped.
This is just a step I don't think we should have to make.

Of course, it should be an optional toggle. So it will either place to UV default square or to the square currently centered in the UV editor, or under my cursor or something equivalent.

Any help appreciated.

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I see. Thanks for the idea.

I see. Thanks for the idea. Honestly ive never worked this way, i usually attach the objects then unwrap and detach them. Ill see if i can incoorporate that idea into the script.


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I'm sorry for my

I'm sorry for my poor english.

yes,I mean I need it can edit uv-s on multiple objects at same time.

And I tried to make one script it can scale uv-s twice on multiple objects for my work from your code.
sel = selection

obj = #()

for i in sel do
append obj i

modPanel.addModToSelection (Unwrap_UVW ()) ui:on


for i = 1 to obj.count do
select obj[i]

obj[i].modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].unwrap.edit ()

obj[i].modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].setTVSubObjectMode 3

face =#{ 1 .. obj[i].Faces.count }

obj[i].modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].selectFaces face

obj[i].modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].unwrap2.ScaleSelectedCenter 2 0



Thanks for your script.

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Sorry i didn't understand

Sorry i didn't understand what you are trying to say. You need to edit uv-s on multiple objects at the same time? I've never needed such a thing.

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it`s good,but if it can edit

it`s good,but if it can edit UVs by some objects but not only one will be more well.

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