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Đặng Tiến Dũng (D95 DESIGN)

A major upgrade from Smart Camera View 2. While still sharing the same idea as previous version, version 3 actually has been completely rewritten from scratch, based on a brand new algorithm and workflow, for speed and performance, with a lot of new features. This script is intended to replace the default Camera View (C) in 3dsMax with many cool functions. 




3.68 | 16/03/2023

  • Added Preset and Extra button: click to open Resolution Preset & Extra Tools diaglog.
  • Added Render Preset from version 2: double-click on preset to apply setting to selected camera. Enter preset resolution, preset name and click “+” button to add your custom preset to the list, click “-” to delete selected preset, click “U” button to update current selected preset (note that it will overwrite the selected preset, and this cannot be undone). Use ▲ and ▼ button to reorder preset list.
  • Added Extra Tools: Camera Converter shortcut, quick clear camera’s modifier and fix camera’s target (detail on changelog video). Note that Camera Converter is not integrated in Smart Camera View, you will have to install it separately. “Clear Camera’s Modifier” and “Fix Camera’s Target” will only affect the currently selected camera.
  • Fixed some tooltip and message.


3.53 | 10/01/2023

  • Fixed a bug when edit cliping value of multi camera.
  • Fixed Vray Camera FOV value don’t show correct when selected.
  • Fix a bug make clipping button state don’t show correct when select Physical or Vray Physical Camera.
  • Added new “Switch on Start” checkbox in Script System Setting (in previous version, it is turn on by default and no way to turn it off). Also, added new “In Lock Viewport” for “Switch on Start” in Script System Setting.
  • From now on, when using FOV mode in Smart Camera View, script will automatically turn on Specify FOV in Vray Physical Camera and Physical Camera.
  • Added Shift + Click action for Auto Align Camera button (A) to align all cameras.
  • Added Ctrl + Click action for Batch Render button to render last batch.
  • Added “Automatic Vertical Tilt” button in “Miscellaneous” group (support Corona Camera, 3dsMax Physical Camera and Vray Physical Camera). Hold shift to apply to all cameras.

3.42 | 23/11/2022 

  • Fixed a critical bug that caused 3dsMax to crash when setting the Clipping value when using Fstorm and Corona Camera together.
  • Improved: you can now undo the camera align action.
  • Camera Align function now support free camera. Note that it will use  a different algorithm (the script will only rotate the camera, not move it), so the result may differ from the target camera, even though they are in the same location.
  • Added new camera align function (button A): click to automatically align camera to set angle. Right click to set snap angle.
  • Added new camera align options (use target or camera as origin). Hold ctrl or shift while clicking the align buttons (X, Y, Z) to use these features.
  • Improved: rotate target of the camera in the right direction after aligning.
  • Improved: move the “Dockable” and “Icon” setting to outside. Right click to setting it.
  • Change “Lite” & “Full” button to “-” & “+” button.
  • Fixed a bug when closing the script and reopening it in “Lite” mode would cause the script to mess up the user interface.
  • Fixed a bug where the Camera Selection Lock didn’t work when used with Selection Sync.
  • Fixed some tooltips.


3.39 | 21/11/2022

  • Added support for Fstorm Camera.
  • Added new dock options (left, right, floatable) in Script System Setting.
  • Added “Auto Start” option in Script System Setting: enable to automatically start scripts when opening 3dsMax.
  • Added a new “Miscellaneous” group: FOV parameters, Camera Clipping and Lock Transform will be moved to this group.
  • Added “Toggle Horizon Line” (“H” button): click it to toggle the camera horizon.
  • Added quick camera view align button on X, Y, Z axis.
  • Added “Auto Shutdown” button in “Batch Render” group: enabled button to automatically shutdown after rendering. Right click to set delay time before shutdown. Note it will shutdown computer with “force” mode, so save all work before starting rendering with this option.
  • Added new minimalist theme for button icons. You can select them in the Script System Setting.
  • Improved: ring the old “Clear” button back to the “Camera Name” group.
  • Improved: the “Custom Output Format” button has been removed and replaced by “Select Output Format” button, located next to the output path. From now on, the script will always use the custom format (show on the button) to render. To edit it, you can click on it directly (equivalent to right-clicking the old Custom Output Format button). Also, to use default output format, rightclick on it. To set default output format, pressed Ctrl and click on it.
  • Improved: from now on when you select multiple cameras, the script will display cliping far and cliping near values if they have the same parameters, same as W and H values (in the old version they were left blank by default).
  • Improved: you can right-click the “Use Default Batch Render” checkbutton to quick open the 3dsMax batch render dialog.
  • Improved: from now on you can adjust the FOV parameter of Vray Physical Camera without ticking the “Field of View” checkbox in “Sensor & Lens” group, also fixed some Vray Physical Camera FOV related bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cliping parameters to be greyed out even though all cameras were clipping enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grid Overlay feature caused the perpective viewport to have ghosting problems, and improved the performance of this feature.
  • Change the arrangement of buttons in Batch Render. Also, from now on “Auto Open Output Folder” and “Auto Hidden Icons” feature will be enabled by default on new installation.
  • Fixed bugs related to the function still being activated when no camera was selected.
  • Fixed a few tooltips and tweaked the icons a bit.


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3dsMax 2014 or higher
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albertomaciel's picture

Amazing script!

Amazing script! I'm using daily in all my projects. The beta dockable feature makes it even grater!
I'm a shortcut crackhead and every 4... 5 seconds I save, gives me a lot of time at the end of the day and having that bunch of features a few clicks away is just amazing!
Worth every penny!

dangtiendung's picture

Thank you!

Sorry for late reply though.


D0br0's picture

Great continuation of the

Great continuation of the development of the script!)

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