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Perfect beautiful curly shapes!



Spiros is a 3dsMax script for creating beautiful spirals, helices, curls and torus knot splines, with mathematical precision.
Make ornaments, decorations, ironwork designs, jewelry, cloth accessories, symbols from ancient cultures, tentacles, paths for animation / distribution / deformation, and a lot more.

This tool is ideal for prop modelers, hard surface modelers, architects, designers, engineers, CG animators and Motion Graphics artists.

Spiros is a commercial script for 3dsMax 2012 and higher.

Spiros 3dsmax script by SplineDynamics.com


  • Precise custom algorithms to create parametric spirals, helices, torus knots and curls.
  • Intuitive user-friendly UI.
  • Spiral: arithmetic spiral, golden spiral, logarithmic, parabolic, hyperbolic.
    Control the no. of turns, width, amount of knots, growth factor, height, bias, CW/CCW, curve/linear segments. Symmetry option.
  • Helix: standard helix, spherical helix, loxodrome, toroidal helix.
    Control the no. of turns, start/end radius, amount of knots, height, bias, CW/CCW, curve/linear segments. Symmetry option.
  • Torus Knot: thousands of variants, easy to visualize and modify.
    Control no. of foils, variant type, flower/ring shape, radius, amount of knots, CW/CCW, curve/linear segments.
  • Curl: create a simple curl that behaves like a hair or tentacle, always keeping its length, by parametrically bending and curling a straight line.
    Controls: spline lenght, bend, curl, amount of knots, height, bias, CW/CCW, curve/linear segments.
  • Create square spirals, triangular spirals and other special shapes with linear segments.
  • Axial symmetry control allows you to create gorgeous spiral and helical ornaments and decorations.
  • Spiros produces standard 3dsmax Editable Splines, easy to modify.
  • No plugin-dependency. Compatible with all render engines.

There's plenty of tutorials and documentation at www.SplineDynamics.com

Version Requirement: 
2012 or higher
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