Spline FFD

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Spline FFD is a tool that allows you to move multiple vertices at once, moving the points of a spline.

New 1.1: Added mode that preserves the original distance between vertex.

With Spline FFD you can select a number of points on a mesh and creates a spline that passes through these points. By moving the points of the spline, the original mesh vertices move properly.

You can change the number of segments that divide the spline. For example, a single segment points move in a straight line. A greater number of points needed to adjust to the original mesh as this increases the complexity.

Spline FFD can also be used in closed contours, making it a useful tool for generating seams and joints. In these cases we recommend a minimum of 6 segments to achieve a proper fit.

Finally, remember that you can change the type of vertex at any time, from smooth to beizer or corner vertex, and use the handles to change the shape of the spline./p>

  • Spline FFD 1.1: Added two modes. One that preserves the original distance between vertex and another that homogeneously distributed vertices
  • Spline FFD 1.0: Initial release.
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ghostpro278's picture

Problem not at window

Go to toolbar --> Category ---> LuisLLams, you will see :))

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hi miauu.

Your written "Spline Deformer" is a so handy script.

I Wish.dont need to collapse Multiple modifier

 →[Edit Poly]
  [Edit Poly]
  [Editable Poly]

technically difficult to reproduce it?

Yusuf_ES's picture


Very helpfull script.
Works on 3ds max 2017

Argyll's picture


I am the administrator. This is the only script I've come across that generates this error.

hanolll's picture

please help

doesn't work on windows 8 or what ?! every time i drag it to 3dmax nothing happens,any help??!

miauu's picture
ttus's picture

soft selection?

so nice script that.
want use softselection.

miauu's picture


I think that the solution is pretty simple, but since the script is encrypted the author have to fix it.

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Large Scale

Now that I think about it Ive only used version 1.1 with large scale buildings. So I guess my "works on any model" comment was wrong and the scale of mesh is the issue...

miauu's picture


I have only max2014 SP3(no AP). Tested on open edges and there are no errors. I assume that the problem is because the interpolation parameter is bigger than 1.0 - 1.00021. May be this is another usual problem - 1.000 is not exactly 1.000, but 1.00021 and the error is ready to pops up.

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