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Spring Magic is a script for adding quick secondary animation to splines,bones and biped.
Current version not supported with CAT (Character Animation Toolkit). Might support CAT in the future version.
SpringMagic is available for Max 9 and above.

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[v.0.7] initial version
Start your max, go to maxscript/run sccript, select the springmagic_07.msc and have fun =)

‧The bone chain twist motion is now available .
( twist motion is about rotation around each bone's local X axis )
‧press ESC to cancel simulation
‧Some bugs fixed.

1.support C.A.T
2.set bones number to calculation
3.support linked object(the object must align x axis)

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3ds Max9, 2010
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springmagic_07.mse15.15 KB
springmagic_0.8.mse17.38 KB
springmagic_0.9.mse15.95 KB


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CAT issue

Unfortunately it's not working well with CAT. Cat bones just slide over each other and shift over time for some reason. Baking starts well but in few seconds when bones start moving, some of them shift into each other and go out of place. Some don't. I'm not sure if it's CAT's issues or this script, though, I saw people experiencing similar spring constraint issues with CAT as well.

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Batching Spring magic

I love this script and I use it all the time !
I would like to apply spring magic on a range of animations and I therefore would like to batch it.

Is there anyway I can use spring magic in a batch process ?

Thank you !

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Very informative post thanks

Very informative post
thanks for sharing this to us

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is there any way this script

is there any way this script can add the spring animation to the existing animation instead of replacing them? I triad adding the spring animation to the new layer but it didn't work.

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Is this script free to use?

I'm a mobile developer and I'd like to use on bake animations. Is there licensing?

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awesome script but what is sprbTM?

It seems to create this on every bone that gets keyed by the script. What does it do?

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This is a very cool script! Very useful.

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CAT Support

First of all, thanks for the script, it works great!

I know that has been a log time since you said that the script might support CAT in the future version, so, just to let you know that I would apreciate A LOT a CAT support.


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