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Visibility Manager

12 votes

Visibility Manager is a very useful tool if you work with
visibility tracks. It's default controller is On_Off -
it is hardly configurable. VisiMan script lets you automatically
convert On_Off controller to Bezier_Float controller. Second part
of this script lets you quickly and easily add some fading effect
to object's appearing and disappearing.


35 votes

Creates a modeless floating window that contains all controllers in the scene
for quick access to the controller properties. The user can switch on/off
filters to control what types of controllers will be displayed.

Currently supports wire, expression, script, noise, reactor, list, wave, audio,
spring, motioncapture and limit controllers.

v0.4 update: Converted ActiveX UI element to dotNet, therby making the script 64bit compatible (and breaking compatibility with versions prior to 3ds Max 2008).


11 votes

WarpToggle creates a small floater with 2 buttons to either turn on - or turn off all space warp bindings. You have a choice of operating on either all objects - or only on selected objects. Very handy for speeding up viewport interaction if you are warping many or complex objects. Turn off the warps 'till you need em! Seems to work fine in Max v.7 - 2008, have not yet tested with Max2009, though it is a simple script, and should be OK.

Spring Joint

12 votes

"Spring Joint is a Macro Script for applying and managing a script controller and a set of custom attributes to simulate procedural torsional spring motion. You can apply Spring Joint to any object that has a position/rotation/scale transform controller and unconstrained rotation.

Wiggley Stick

15 votes

Applies a spring-like motion on top of existing animation for any object.

Step Bezier

7 votes

Converts selected objects' animation tracks to bezier animation with stepped interpolation between keyframes.


9 votes

Adds user-specified noise to the position track of an object.

Linear Bezier

8 votes

Converts selected objects' animation tracks to bezier animation with linear interpolation between keyframes. Useful for avoiding overshoot in animation.

Audio Animate

4 votes

Creates a spline based on selected objects and animates the spline to an audio file - imitating the audio waveform.

Assign Controllers

7 votes

Assign controllers to all selected objects. I only have Euler XYZ in the script. It was such a pain manually assign them to each individual bone. This does it in a click of a button!

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