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Give me back my dialogs!

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Window box is a script (and tutorial) to show you how you can use Dotnet and Win32 methods to get back dialogs you have lost from using multiple monitors.

UPDATE 2.4.2

Fixed an issue with monitor data, it now centers correctly on all screens. Sorry for the delay in finding that one. 

UVW Mapping Paste Channel Switcher

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Adds a map channel switcher spinner to the currently selected UVW Mapping Paste modifier.

MaxLINQ - LINQ functions for maxScripters

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MaxLINQ tool is intended to be a way to use inside maxscript language sweet predefined functions, similar to those in C# LINQ, through an easy lambda-style expressions syntax, concatenating functions after functions.

You can query arrays, strings, maxscript enumerables (objectSet, bitArray, groups, pathnames...) and DotNet IEnumerables.Moreover, it includes  specific functions for maxObjects.

It can be used both in your own scripts or directly in the 3dsMax Listener.

Some intuitive simple examples are:



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 Attach a Point Helper to Surface
of an Editable Mesh


Show DotNet Properties

45 votes

Dotnet Property Inspector

16 votes

.Net Property Inspector


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Renderitis is an open system to store render-presets for 3dsMax. Within the script you can view and edit presets before applying them. Presets are stored in xml which is an open file-format as opposed to the native 3dsMax presets. I’ve been developing this script for a long time and have stripped all the bells and whistles. The current version supports scanline for 3dsMax 2010 and scanline and vray for 3dsMax 2012. I'll be working on more features in the future. Also check my blog for more info.

Monster Matte

23 votes

HitchHiker v4.3

70 votes


XMLLayoutPanel - A Custom Dotnet Control for 3dsMax

27 votes


XML LayoutPanel - Another Custom control for 3dsMax

Please note - this tutorial was written pre max 2010 which includes the method dotnet.setlifetimecontrol. This resolves the global dotnet handler issues mentioned at the start.

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