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This program is a script made for 3D Studio Max 3 allowing to create underwater worlds from a parameter selection usually taking time to set.


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Vulcania is a generator of landscapes entirely integrated to max providing a help to the creation of natural environments. It makes it possible to manage the reliefs and the water levels - the ciels and the effects atmosphetic of fog - the horizon and the sun - the natural materials of the grounds. It is built on the principle of using only the tools available in the standard version of max.

layered fog

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Nothing else than normal fog i created just having fun with my skills works fine

Sky Material

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Simply creates sky material with animate option it animates the clouds. Available under standard materials. I have tested this script on max 7 and works fine.


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TG-Max is a MaxScript for 3DS Max which allows camera and lighting data to be transferred between 3D Studio Max and Terragen. The program is broken into two versions; Lite and Pro. Lite is free(for non-commercial use only) and includes simple features to export camera data from 3DS Max (limited to 100 frames) - import terrain geometry - as well as controls for animating camera zoom and banking.

Environment System

7 votes

For creating enviorments with very nice looking water and clouds. Lots of parameters for sun position - clouds - haze etc. This script is not compiled - please read the note in the script before modifying it.

RPC Spray

6 votes

You asked for it! This script allow you to 'paint' RPC objects across a landscape. Perfect for scattering realtrees across your open terrains. This script includes features such as automatic placement on the surface of terrain models - collision detection -


10 votes

Allows you to change parameters among selected Shag:Hair model hairs


13 votes

Simple script that lets you enable/disable/delete multiple atmospherics at once.

DeepValley Free

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This is a free version of the commercial landscape creator DeepValley. Features advanced terrain creation with four kinds of generator that can form the terrain of the mountain - the ridge - the sierra - the valley - the canyon and so on. Also includes erosion ability and preset terrain materials.

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