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MB Collapse

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Macroscript (without user interface) that will accurately collapse (bake) any transformation (position, rotation, scale) into keyframes (one keyframe per frame for the current animation range). Unlike the built-in tools, this works for any kind of controller as well as for parented objects (which will be unlinked afterwards).

v0.3 update:

BipedKeyer v1.4

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This script can set Key parameters "Ease To", "Ease From", "Tension", "Continuity" and "Bias" to ALL selected biped bones (including COM) - AT ONCE! If biped bone in selection does not have a key in the current time (frame), nothing happens with that bone.


New in v1.1: Possibility to set custom values. COM - EaseTo, EaseFrom and Bias (for vertical, horizontal and turning controller) parameters now also changes.

Crude Biped Key Reduction

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This will dismantle that wall of motion captured key frames into something more manageable. It’s not the most sophisticated of algorithms. But, it gets the job done and leaves you with nicely lined up key-poses. To use simply:


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Offset the keyframes of all selected objects.

Offset all keyframes or just the selected keyframes

Reduce Transform Keys

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This is not my first attempt at writing max script, I've hacked a ittle around the edges with adding custom attributes - Thanks PEN - but this is my first attempt at a useful/functional tool.

Reduce Your Transform Keys is designed to strip away all the transforms that don't do anything.

By default the range is set to your current animation range but you can confine the key pruning to a specific region for your timeline.

I don't like losing the key a frame 0 so I added a radiobutton to add one and ...

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