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Material Texture Loader v1.600

5 votes

The script allows for instant adavanced PBR material creation, by loading in textures and automatically creating a complete material setup for you, after which you can live edit texture channel assignment, mapping and material parameters. NEW: support for 3ds max 2023, Vray6, Corona7, random rotation mapping, presets, ACES, preview render.



LIDAR Loader

4 votes

This is a Simple LIDAR Loader.

You must use a file with simple XYZ data on it (Usually a .txt)

I do recommend not to import Large Point Clouds or it will crash...

Options are pretty simple:
-Load LIDAR file
-Choose between Box, Triangle (Recommended) or Point Cloud
-Choose the size of your points
-You can collapse all the points in a single EditablePoly if you are using box or triangles (recommended for display speed)
-Hey Ho!-->Press GO!

PRT Updater/Manager

2 votes

A tool I wrote to manage multiple PRT Loaders in a scene. It was especially useful for updating files when I was using one cache for multiple loaders with an offset, since Instancing wasn't an option. Aside from that, there are simple controls to update some of the main PRT Loader attributes quickly and on multiple loaders.

Here's a quick demonstration video of the tool >>> https://vimeo.com/130000485


Map Loader

26 votes

1. Run script

2. In Max goto "Customize->Customize User Interface...->Toolbars
tab->Category: ColinScripts->Map Loader
" and drag "Map Loader" to a toolbar, click to run.


Loads maps into the material editor that exist in the scene.  Very straightforward. Support for special Mental Ray Maps and VRay Maps included.


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