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The Material Texture Loader is a 3ds Max script designed to quickly load in textures, create a material and apply that to your scene. It works well for a PBR texture workflow, but it can be used for any type of texture that needs to be loaded as part of a material.


  • Automatically create textures with correct gamma input for its material channel, based on name conventions.
  • Live material creation, through instant texture loading, channel assignment, material and map editing.
  • Link Bitmap and Triplanar Mapping and Coordinates parameters for fast editing of all texture mappings.
  • Easily apply materials to Selected object, Material editor or Drag and Drop functionality.
  • Choose between Standard, Vray, Corona, Redshift, Arnold and FStrom texture maps and materials.
  • Quickly setup parameters for bitmaps and materials, like Mapping Channel, IOR and Material ID.

Compatibel with 3ds max 2016 to 2020. VRay, Corona, Redshift, Arnold, FStorm and Standard materials.

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Version updates

26-08-2019: update 1.20

  • Live texture loading and material channel assignment.
  • Lie bitmap and material parameter editing.
  • Support for FStorm.
  • Set Real-World and Triplanar scale size
  • Improved parameter linking

30-07-2019: updated 1.12

  • Create materials without textures.
  • Base diffuse, reflection and glossiness material inputs.
  • Arnold parameter linking
  • UI and material display improvements

11-07-2019: updated 1.11

  • Redshift 2.6 support
  • Vray 3.x support
  • Added a checkbutton to include all texture channels, even if the material doesn't have an available slot for it
  • Material Editor automatically opens when placing a material into it.

02-06-2019: updated 1.10

  • Added support for Redshift and Arnold
  • Added triplanar mapping and linking
  • Added AO and emmisve channels
  • Apply to objects, sample slot and slate view
  • Improved channel named recognition and specular, metallic worflow
  • Added extra parameter settings
  • Detects current renderers

13-04-2019: updated 1.02 

  • Added support for 3ds Max 2019 and 2020.
  • Added IOR, Metallic and Translucency texture channels.
  • Automatically sets the right Glossniss/Rougness and Metallic settings.
  • Clear and Default texture channels.
  • Set Real-world scale.

07-04-2019: update v1.01

  • Added support for 3ds Max 2016 and 2017.
  • Add material to your material sample slots.
  • Set Blur filtering.


Version Requirement: 
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
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DavidZaagsma's picture

reflection and ior settings.

Hi robox, thank you for the comments.

The gamma input is a good idea. I will try to add it in an upcoming update. Along with some preset, or set default settings.

The reflection is set to sRgb/gamma 2.2/inverse gamma .45, because I read on multiple places it is the proper way. The reflection channel colors the object, just like the diffuse channel does and since in most cases images are created in sRgb color space, then those are the color values we want to use for tinting the color of the reflection.
I am not the biggest expert in this field, so maybe you know something I missed.

The default ior is from Corona default, which is also closer to what substance discribes as the most common ior for materials and what other renders use as a default. Vray's 1.6 seems to be an outlier in that regard. Differences are minimal however.

robox's picture

Input Gamma for Reflection slot


first of all great script and a huge time saver...was looking for a script like this for some time for megascans, poliigon and RDT. So this was an instant buy for me :)
There is only one thing i think should be changed. The input gamma value for the reflection maps should also be 1.0.
At least for proper usage of the poliigon, megascans and RDT materials. May be you could add an additional row next to strength, to manually change the inverse gamma value in the vrayhdri loader or make some sort of a presets system, so one could customize these settings. Also why is the iOR value always default to 1,52 ?



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