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my Layer

5 votes

Advanced display organize / Layer manager tool - enables you to focus on parts of your work


2 votes

Script that lets you place Windows Media Player window inside of a 3ds max 4 viewport using an activex control! There are separate versions depending on whether you use media player 6.4 or 7.1.

Memory Monitor

1 vote

"Simple script that displays the memory used by maxscripts.Very handy for debugging code.
Now includes an on/off button - spinner to change the timer tick intervals and a button to clear the memory of unused data."

PC Spec

2 votes

Can gather information from users PC such as Memory - Graphics Card - OS - CPU type and speed - 3DS Max Version - PC name - current Renderer as well as hard drives on PC. Uses existing maxscript code as well as uses activex to read included HTML file with Javascript which uses WMI to get other PC data.


8 votes

"Align an Object to the face normal of a geometry object (Mesh - Poly - Patch or NURBS).
Similar to AutoGrid - but for existing objects. "


4 votes

The name says it all...

Open Most Recent File

5 votes

Upon launching 3dsMax this script will ask the user if they wish to re-open the most recently saved Max file.

Organise Specified Scene Selection Sets

1 vote

This script is very similar to the “Organize Scene Selection Sets” script except it creates buttons to hide/unhide objects based on the prefixes of object names in Max. If you have a selection of objects beginning with the letters 'GNW_' or 'GNE_' it will automatically create buttons to hide/unhide such objects.


10 votes

A function to get an object given its name as a string. This is similar to 'getNodeByName' in avg_dlx.dlx - but doesn't require an Extension; checks for duplicates; and can be modified to do even more (see script header).

CUI Loader

8 votes

"Allows you to load any CUI in your CUI directory with one button. Just make sure you add this button to every UI. This way - you can quickly jump around from one UI to another. It's great because it allows you to have one UI for modeling and another for animation!"

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