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mxs un|installer

6 votes

"mxs un|installer is a free installer for maxscripts. It creates menu entries and folder structure - and allows complete uninstallation of the script package. It works with 3ds max 4.2 and Autodesk VIZ4 - or higher.
for maxscript developers only"


2 votes

"This one was made by request. It's really simple. It just centers the pivot of every object and moves it to the origin."


11 votes

This script copies the file when opened with all the necessary textures in the specified directory.

Set Paths

4 votes

Writes to the 3dsmax.ini file to set your open - save - stuff like that.

setup xrayOthers

4 votes

"Sets selected objects as solid - and unselected objects in xray mode. Pretty simple to use - when it's enabled - everytime you change selections it updates - when it's disabled - it doesn't."


6 votes

Speeds up repetitive aligning by prompting the user to pick the source and target.


0 votes

Select - hide or freeze any objects with a specific texture map applied to them. Search by full name or substring.


5 votes

Get the barycentric coordinates (b0 - b1 - b2) of a triangle - given its vertex coordinates (p0 - p1 - p2) and the point (p) within the triangle.


1 vote

Lets you inspect and manipulate ActiveX controls (new to MAXr4!). Note that this is a work in progress and that this script was originally developed by Ravi Karra and Larry Minton of discreet.

Random Select

2 votes

Will randomly select objects in your scene.

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