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selma: selection sets manager

8 votes

Selma - the selection sets manager - consists of two modules. The Selection Sets floater and the Quadmenu updater. The floater lists all selection sets - plus you can edit - remove - hide anda unhide selection sets by using this floater.

Global Property Change

3 votes

"You can adjust any property over your whole selection of objects. You can for example select 20 lights - change every property you like and it will be applied to all the lights in your selection. Select 30 cameras and change the fov or any other propery at once. Make a selection of boxes/ cones/ cylinders and adjust the height or any other shared property globaly..


5 votes

Allows you to send email directly from Max with your current viewport or your last render attached.


5 votes

Displays a list of all other objects in your scene that are an instance of your currently selected object.


6 votes

Extracts the angle between two objects (useful if IK controlled) via some extra point helpers.


4 votes

Resets the viewports and frames all.

Playback Speeds

2 votes

This tool allows the user to quickly change the playback speed of their animation while it is being played. Simple buttons grant the user the ability to play Max's timeline at ¼x - ½x - 1x - 2x or 4x the regular speed.


8 votes

Hide objects - even if in an open group


5 votes

If you ever used a spirograph when you were a kid - then you have got to check out this script... Version 2.0 added support for 3ds max 4.0

Set Coordinate System

4 votes

"It allows you to associate a coordinate system type (screen. local. world. view. grid. parent) with a given object. Whenever the object is selected. the active coordinate system is switched to the associated coordinate system. This information is saved with the MAX file. So it will be there the next time the MAX file is opened."

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