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"Destroys all layerman information for the entire scene - both at the object level and the scene level by destroying the perisstent lm info in the scene.
version 1.11 Also deletes callbacks left by layerman "


Resets the viewports and frames all.

Organise Scene Selection Sets

This tool creates a floating window listing all of the selection sets in your current scene. You can then toggle the visibility of each set by checking the appropriate check. If you decide to add more selection sets simply re-run the script and the dialogue box will update to reflect the changes. This makes managing large files much easier!

Copy Properties

Basicly this is a personal script wich I made to speed up extruding and UVW mapping. This could be a useful script for people who draw splines in AutoCAD and extrude them in MAX. The properties that you can copy are: material - modifier(s) and z-position.


"A more advanced version of the built in Quad Menu Settings script in 3dsmax4. For tweaker types. "


ShadeChange is a set of three macroscripts that set the active viewport to shaded - faceted or wireframe mode (so that these functions can be assigned to hotkeys).

Advanced Align

Quickly aligns the local position and rotation of the selected object to the next object the user picks.

Copy to Instance

Very simple - this just scans selected objects and converts them into instances of the pre-selected master object. For when you make lots of copies of something then realise they should have been instances... Will scan objects to ensure they are of the same class before conversion (so if you have a light as the Master object - it won't instance any meshes - etc)


"Estimate/Visualize 'Body Fat Percent' as a function of Weight and Waist. As animators. we sit on our butts for hours on end. A year ago I realized a change was in order. so I went on a health kick. This script combines this mindset with my math mindset. It's was done mostly for fun and for the challenge.

Object renamer

Your classic object renamer.

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