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Color Blender

7 votes

"This script blends three user defined colors together and mixes the result with the requested amount of black and white. It was written to allow the mixing colors from a triad to determine what colors are possible for a given triad.

Centre Pivot

6 votes

Centres the pivot point of the selected object.

Scene Explorer

5 votes

"Scene Explorer is designed to aid in well...um... Exploring your scene. A 'Launch Pad' of sorts - enabling common actions in one window. This script is concept only! There are some features working currenlty - but the script is NOT intended to be fully-working.


7 votes

This is a very large set of Macro scripts that I add to quad menus to enhance hot key sets. There are many kinds of tools in here and I am not even going to begin describing them all. There are a couple that still show up that are unfinished or just don't work well so be warned. I have never had any problems caused by them so don't be too worried but read the warning above.


6 votes

Gets the system TTF font names for use in scripts. This scripts is for use in other scripts - it's not much use on its own.


5 votes

An alternative Transform Type In dialog - showing position rotation and scale at the same time. Built for JKJ. Undo just added - needs more testing. Interface snapshot.


9 votes

Locks or unlocked the transform - rotation and scale of an object by turning on or off all the objects transform locks in one click. Thanks to Grant Adam for the original code.


4 votes

Does several things related to Gradients. First - Coverts a standard Gradient texmap to a Gradient Ramp with similar parameters. Second - lets you make several Gradient Ramp Presets that I've needed from time to time. Only one preset exists at the current time.

Procedural Motion Baker

4 votes

This script will convert procedural/hierarchical animation into keyframe animation.

Snap Toggles

7 votes

"Small suite of macroscripts that allow you to directly toggle the most important snap options via hotkey or toolbar.
New: 'Axis constraint' toggle and 'Snap to frozen' toggle added"

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