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Creates Selection set

6 votes

Creates a selection set from a list of names - and renames the objects to be the same as the selection set. Just select the items you want - and run the script - and then select the items in the list just by selecting them once.


9 votes

Locks or unlocked the transform - rotation and scale of an object by turning on or off all the objects transform locks in one click. Thanks to Grant Adam for the original code.


5 votes

"Serves as a files browser/selector - somewhat emulating Windows' file browse dialog. MAXScript didn't seem to provide this functionality - so I wrote this! This script is intended to be called by other scripts.
Extensions ONLY required for MAX 3.x - not version 4."


7 votes

Bring up the properties of the selected objects


8 votes

Add's a Post It note to an Object - a Modifier - Or a Material. The note appears in the modifier panel as a rollout - or in the material editor.

Math Functions

7 votes

This is a set of Max Script functions that are to be loaded and globaly and then called from other scripts or script controllers. Read the notes in the file for further help on usage for the scripts and what they do.


6 votes

What this script does is it assigns a quadmenu to rightclick + alt/shift/ctrl combination. Example?


9 votes

A set of scripts to collect and browse test-renders in 3ds max 5.

BBC Radio 5

7 votes

I wrote this little tool so that I could discreetly listen to Euro 2004 while working in Max. This script will be a god send for the forthcoming English Premier League as the BBC have exclusive rights to broadcast all games live.


8 votes

A simple puzzle game

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