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Open Most Recent File

5 votes

Upon launching 3dsMax this script will ask the user if they wish to re-open the most recently saved Max file.

Organise Specified Scene Selection Sets

1 vote

This script is very similar to the “Organize Scene Selection Sets” script except it creates buttons to hide/unhide objects based on the prefixes of object names in Max. If you have a selection of objects beginning with the letters 'GNW_' or 'GNE_' it will automatically create buttons to hide/unhide such objects.


10 votes

A function to get an object given its name as a string. This is similar to 'getNodeByName' in avg_dlx.dlx - but doesn't require an Extension; checks for duplicates; and can be modified to do even more (see script header).

CUI Loader

8 votes

"Allows you to load any CUI in your CUI directory with one button. Just make sure you add this button to every UI. This way - you can quickly jump around from one UI to another. It's great because it allows you to have one UI for modeling and another for animation!"

Scatter Boy

3 votes

This script will randomize either single/multiple objects position - rotation - and/or scale. It will recognize selection sets or you can create your own within the script. You can also randomize light colors and multiplier.

Octal Menu

6 votes

"Octal Menu System is an alternative menu system for 3ds max 5. Unlike the quadmenu - it displays eight icon-based menus - which is suitable to access frequently used commands. The good thing about icon based menu - is your eyes will be able to recognize it faster than text based menu.


1 vote

Lets you increase or decrease the number of subdiv iterations for selected objects.

selma: selection sets manager

8 votes

Selma - the selection sets manager - consists of two modules. The Selection Sets floater and the Quadmenu updater. The floater lists all selection sets - plus you can edit - remove - hide anda unhide selection sets by using this floater.

Global Property Change

3 votes

"You can adjust any property over your whole selection of objects. You can for example select 20 lights - change every property you like and it will be applied to all the lights in your selection. Select 30 cameras and change the fov or any other propery at once. Make a selection of boxes/ cones/ cylinders and adjust the height or any other shared property globaly..


5 votes

Allows you to send email directly from Max with your current viewport or your last render attached.

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