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viewport switcher

switch to other viewport layout without having to acces the viewport layout settings

Rename Macroscript

Rename is a Macroscript that allows you to rename multiple objects in a scene simultaneously. It has options for prefix - suffix - base - and numbered.

Pivot Mode Toggle

If you have ever wanted a hotkey to turn on the 'Affect Pivot Only' mode without having to go to the hierarchy panel - then you will want this. Assign a hotkey to it and you can toggle in and out of the affect pivot only mode from anywhere.


Allows you to quickly measure the distance between two mouse clicks.

Project Changer

Lets you set up different projects and without restarting max use different map paths etc.

Open Most Recent AutoBak

When 3D Studio Max crashes - do you find it frustrating searching for the most recent autobak file? If so - this is the perfect script for you. This tool will sort through all autobak files and load the most recent version. I find myself using this tool a little too much.

Show Trajectory

Toggles the trajectory on/off for the selected objects. Now supports Biped objects.

Procedural Motion Baker

This script will convert procedural/hierarchical animation into keyframe animation.

Color Blender

"This script blends three user defined colors together and mixes the result with the requested amount of black and white. It was written to allow the mixing colors from a triad to determine what colors are possible for a given triad.

Centre Pivot

Centres the pivot point of the selected object.

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