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8 votes

"Adds an undo/redo feature only for selection(doesn't affect max's undo)."


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"A replacement for the standard “Additional Help” menu item - allowing any hlp - rtf - doc - .txt - .htm - or pdf file in the Help directory to be opened - in addition to chm files. Very handy for keeping track of various Read Me files - such as those that come with freeware/shareware plug-ins.


3 votes

Resets all the viewports in your scene to the default.


7 votes

Speeds up repetitive aligning by prompting the user to pick the source and target.

Named Selection Floater Fix

4 votes

"This is a fix/ enhancment for R5's named selection floater.
bug fixes:

  • Asks only once if you want to unhide/unfreeze
  • RightClick menu's 'Highlight Selected' works
  • Optimized code
  • The Maxscript 'Amiga' Demo

    9 votes

    An Amiga-style old school sine wave scrolling demo written solely in Maxscript. This is an early unfinished first installment of a daft project to build a full 'megademo' using Maxscript.


    9 votes

    Select objects in open (even nested) groups. Use script to close all nested groups and hide them with a single click. (Normally you cannot hide objects while part of an open group)

    Developed during a MAXScript Course at the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg - Germany.

    View Panel

    8 votes

    "This is a graphical pop-up interface to quick select viewport layouts and/or view types.
    Version 0.2 Update: Added Auto Zoom Selected . When you change views - there is the option (right click menu) to Auto Zoom the selected object."


    9 votes

    "RecordNavigationPath (RecNavPath - RNP) allows you to record - save and load viewport animations - especially when using the new Walkthrough Mode in 3ds max 7.
    View the screenshot"

    Time Center

    7 votes

    An SMPTE Navigator and Calculator. Includes an Animation Stepping option.

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