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Procedural Motion Baker

4 votes

This script will convert procedural/hierarchical animation into keyframe animation.

Snap Toggles

7 votes

"Small suite of macroscripts that allow you to directly toggle the most important snap options via hotkey or toolbar.
New: 'Axis constraint' toggle and 'Snap to frozen' toggle added"

Viewport Grabber

5 votes

This script lets you grab the currently active Viewport and save the images. You can set a timer to grab sequences - or turn on AutoGrab - which will grab the viewport every time you change something.

Metal Peg Imprint Thing

9 votes

Allows user to simulate one of those metal-peg imprint things. The ones that you can press your hand or face against and see a relief version on the other side. This script allows the user to use an animated map to simulate this with growing cylinders.


5 votes

"Here is a script that can help in generating dynamic rollouts(controls). You should put the script in stdplugsstdscripts directory. It creates a struct that can be instanced to create dynamic rollouts."


11 votes

Quickly pick a new pivot position for the selected object

Property Changer

6 votes

"Property Changer is designed to change a single parameter on multiple (similar) objects in the scene.
For Example: Change the length of all boxes in the scene. The New Value can be Absolute or Relative A Relative change will add or subtract the New Value from the current value on the object."


4 votes

Prints the Class or SuperClass of selected nodes.

PEN Duplicate Name Finder

7 votes

The Duplicate Name Finder will do just that and then alow you to select the duplicates for renaming.


7 votes

If you're like me - you frequently find yourself wanting to run a simple line or two of Maxscript code on a whole bunch of objects. And - if you're like me - you hate having to set up a loop every single time. DtS gives you a new kind of 'Maxscript listener' that does the looping for you. It fits right into the Max interface - and it's sort of customizable!

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