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Load Notice

3 votes

Adds a notice (copyright - website address - etc) which will appear when a max file is loaded. Good for people distributing max files.


4 votes

"SpookyHide is an Object Display Control script for 3ds max 4.


4 votes

Creates bounding boxes for selected objects.


5 votes

I often decided to assign certain functions to keys in order to be faster - like cut or extrude. But the problem i had. was that i needed different shortcuts for the same things ...like cut for editMesh and PoyMesh or extrude for vertices. edges and faces ... Last week i wrote a (little!) collection of scripts I call smartscripts.


6 votes

"Now we have the game of Blackjack for 3ds max!
Click here for a screenshot"

Random Select

10 votes

Randomly select objects in your scene.

Viewport Layout Floater

3 votes

"Just a little floating window that has all the different layouts to choose from."

Affect Pivot

10 votes

This script simulate's Maya's 'Affect Pivot' tool and prompts the user to create a new pivot point for the selected object.


3 votes

Given a filename as a string - return a valid filename as a string. It should be used when a string is procedurally built or when a string is explicitly defined within the code. The function detects escape character sequences defined by a backslash~letter

Draw vector

3 votes

The ever useful draw vector. Draws a spline shape the length - direction and colour of a point 3. Now updated to include drawaxis - for viewing any maticies you may create.

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