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Lets you globally/locally adjust the percentage of particles displayed in the viewport based on presets.


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Select - hide or freeze any objects with a specific texture map applied to them. Search by full name or substring.

PopUp Menu

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Provides a popup menu for zoom commands

Rename helper

8 votes

For muliple renaming of unique objects. eg select some objects - click the macro - then just type and hit return. The selected object is displayed with a yellow box around it.

Delete Minor Versions

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"This utility allows you to easily delete minor versions saved with the safeSave Minor Increment tool. (Idea by Dave Stewart)
1.1 Update: Added the option to archive the files (using MaxZip). Fixed some minor bugs."

Load Notice

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Adds a notice (copyright - website address - etc) which will appear when a max file is loaded. Good for people distributing max files.


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"SpookyHide is an Object Display Control script for 3ds max 4.


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Creates bounding boxes for selected objects.


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I often decided to assign certain functions to keys in order to be faster - like cut or extrude. But the problem i had. was that i needed different shortcuts for the same things ...like cut for editMesh and PoyMesh or extrude for vertices. edges and faces ... Last week i wrote a (little!) collection of scripts I call smartscripts.


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"Now we have the game of Blackjack for 3ds max!
Click here for a screenshot"

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