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"Estimate/Visualize 'Body Fat Percent' as a function of Weight and Waist. As animators. we sit on our butts for hours on end. A year ago I realized a change was in order. so I went on a health kick. This script combines this mindset with my math mindset. It's was done mostly for fun and for the challenge.

Object renamer

Your classic object renamer.


The ultimate script for people playing with GI engines with their computer in the bedroom :)) AutoShutdown your computer after the rendering. Don't forget to output your rendering to a file and close any other application that requires a 'quit-confirmation.


"Examines a scene's materials for filenames that are not UNC compliant. This helps avoid network rendering server failures due to 'File not found' errors."

Wahooney Tools

Includes SmartGizmo v1.0 - Renamify v1.5 - MirrorMorph v0.2 - Vertex Colours to Flex v1.0 - Wahooney Bone Tools v1.0 - PSD to Material v1.0 - Spline Cagify v1.0 - Open Map v1.0 and Save Last Render v1.0

Pack R3

A collection of R3 compatable scripts - these are totally unsupported - and will recieve no updates.


Quick and easy way to isolate objects in a scene and return the scene to its previous state.

Snap Tools

"Adds 2 actions to the customize menu so you can bind them to a key or put them in a quad:

  • Cycle snap mode (skips 2D by default - can be adjusted)
  • Open Snaps dialog
  • "

    Create Align

    Prompts the user to select an object in the current scene and creates and aligns a temporary object to it. Great for animating!

    Random Select

    This maxscript allows you to randomly select vertices - faces - and edges of any editable mesh. Highlight the mesh you want and run the maxscript. You can choose a percent of elements you want selected and grow or subtract from your current selection. As in - dial 20% under the vertex rollout - hit select - and you have 20% of the vertices selected for editing.

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