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Particle Cloner

8 votes

Clones a particle array a user-specified number of times - changing the random number seed values for each instance.


6 votes

Track particles and attach objects to them over a range of time and within certain bounding volumes.


6 votes

Will convert a SuperSpray - Pcloud or PArray to any other of the three systems - keeping as many parameters as it can with the conversion.

Particle test code

10 votes

Test code for a script particle system. It works and can generate particles of different types. Also has gravity and wind resistance. Maybe someeon will take it somewhere?


4 votes

Will change various particle system related values globally for all selected systems - even between dissimilar particle systems.

Change Seeds

3 votes

"Changes the seed values of all your particle systems in your scene. Just simply uncheck any boxes for particle types you don't want to change and then hit Change Seed Values.
Version 1.1 Update:

  • Added a field to define a specific seed for all your particle systems
  • Added check to see if rollout was already open for bulletproofing
  • "


    9 votes

    Creates a particle system with facemapped particles that look like smoke.

    Particle Looper

    6 votes

    Loops the following particle systems:
    - Super Spray
    - Blizzard
    - PArray
    - PCloud

    The advantage of using this over Peter Watje's 'Particles +' plugin is that you can use some of the default MAX particle systems in case you need to use instanced geometry. What sucks is that it's a big cheese workaround - but it does the trick! :)

    Particle Path

    16 votes

    Converts the trajectories of the particles of a particle system into editable spline paths.


    4 votes

    Generates a text file containing all the necessary particle data. It attempts to standardize the particle systems and output the data in a unified manner.

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