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Random Mesh standard object

3 votes

Primitive Maker

73 votes

Creates a new Primitive from a template object.

SnowFlow - make snow with the click of a button

226 votes

snow bench test scene

This plugin is out of date. Please use the new SnowFlowPro instead!

SnowFlow is a 3D Studio Max script/plugin that creates realistic snow with ease! You just pick an object and SnowFlow does the snow for you! Let the snow fall on your 3D objects and scenes with the click of a button.

Chamfer Tube

4 votes

plugin script, simpleObject ChamferTube


8 votes

Creates a cylindrical mesh, created around a series of X, Y and Z positions which are defined by 3 different functions. The functions can be easily changed using 7 variables (Segments, M, N, P, Q, H and T) which are all spinners.

Multi Primitive

7 votes

plugin script, Multi Primitive


4 votes

Object Triangulator

0 votes

Triangulator is a scripted-plugin which chamfers, and then welds all the vertices of the choosen object(if no object is choosen, a box 25x25x25 is used). The chamfering and welding is executed as many times as the user defines.

You can choose how much each vertices is chamfered, and the weld threshold, which allows you to create many different objects.

Lego Head

3 votes

Simple Lego Head scripted Geometry Plug-in.


3 votes

plugin script, simpleObject Ceramics

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