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Project Manager

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3rd version of Project Manager gains a lot of new features to manage 3D Assets. 
What is most unique to the new features – is the ability to assign custom previews to materials, associate files with materials, and create a gallery of files associated with any type of assets including materials. 
You can also write a description for materials and, of course,  assign categories to materials.

Project Manager version 3.35.26


  • Adds support to 3Ds Max 2025
  • Adds support to search/relink/collect/archive the content of IFL files
  • Adds support to search/relink/collect/archive the content of Vrmat files
  • Adds support to archives larger than 4GB [Archive Asset Files]
  • Speed improvements for navigation


  • Enhanced File ReLocate Capability
  • Adds Ability to Sort Assets by Asset Type/Extension
  • Adds Ability to Include/Exclude Files from Collecting by Extension
  • Adds Ability to Include/Exclude Files from Renaming by Extension
  • Adds Ability to Include/Exclude Directories from Searching by mask
  • "Duplicate Asset Replacement" Dialog UI Improvements
  • Stores the sorting order for assets on the Explorer tab
  • Adds an ability to disable auto-relink missing assets on merging models and materials (by default auto-relink is disabled)
  • Fixes some bugs with renaming assets/directories on using in the TEAM-MODE
  • Fixes a bug when collecting maps for several materials libraries [Batch Render&Relink]


  • Adds an ability to set different width/height for rendering preview thumbnails for models and materials
  • Adds an ability to turn off/on lights from model scenes on rendering preview thumbnails
  • Drops support to rendering preview for IES files (interactive rendering already supports IES)
  • New option to render preview settings - Ignore Fit To Dummy: prioritize the pivot point of the model over its alignment within the Dummy boundary


  • "Duplicate Asset Replacement" Dialog for duplicated assets on storing models/materials to the library
  • Copy content of IFL files on storing models/materials to the library with assets
  • Adds an ability to use the Mass-Rename tool from the Manage Assets dialog for individual 3ds Max files and material libraries


  • Some Interface Improvements and Changes
  • Changes the behavior of Categories list on the status bar
  • Fixes an issue with sorting items by Size and Date in the Categories and Search results
  • Show more accurate information about missing files in the status bar
  • Introduces importing capability from the DesignConnected database [Preferences/Database/Import Database]


  • Fixes some minor issues with merging models
  • Fixes some issues with reusing merged proxy and models
  • Fixes an issue with creating PBR materials with Arnold renderer
  • Fixes an issue pausing Corona interactive render on merging models or materials
  • Fixes a bug with deleting assets
  • Fixes a bug with converting a scene to VRSCENE
  • Fixes an issue with converting 16-bit TIF to JPG
  • Fixes some minor issues with searching assets
  • Fixes a bug with deleting files
  • Fixes an issue with preview RPC, BVH, and BIP files
  • Fixes an issue with assigning a preview for materials using the Auto-Assign preview tool
  • Fixes some issues with the item's Gallery - add/remove/update preview
  • Fixes an issue with assigning preview for materials with some options using the Auto-Assign preview tool
  • Fixes some issues with working with the docked Slate Material Editor in 3ds Max 2024/2025
  • Fixes some minor issues with interactive rendering of some static and animated FBX files
  • Fixes a bug with copying databases from MySQL to SQLite and back
  • Fixes the issues with the tool "Convert Comments&Tags from 2nd version"


Update History for all versions.

Models 3D Models Browser
Materials Materials Browser
Textures Textures Browser
IES IES Photometric Browser
Asset Files Asset Tracking

Find Script By String

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Recursive search in selected directory for string inside .ms scripts and finally double click on item in list of matches result to load the script for editing.

Search Materials And Maps

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The script is also dockable and it has now a right click menu:


This MaxScript collecting all materials, maps and texture, it also allow to search materials, maps or textures by name. You can modify the texture path, also for multiple selections, and you can copy the selection to the material editor.


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Finds objects by name string in a directory of max files

ScriptSpot Search

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 Like 3ds Max InfoCenter but then you need to search for help in scriptspot.com

AK-bitmap search by name

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how many times you wish for a search like windows for your bitmaps inside max? so that's it! now you gut one, it goes throw all your materials and founds maps with specified characters; you can type bitmaps exact name or use * sign like windows.

Find Large Bitmaps

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FindLargeBitmaps is a quick script to search for bitmaps in your scene that are bigger than a specified dimension or file size.

Use it to optimize your scene's bitmap assets quickly.

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