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Wall Worm Model Tools

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 A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max Wall Worm is the complete Source Engine Pipeline. With extensive exporters, importers, model, material and level design tools, Wall Worm makes working with the Source Engine fun.

The toolset now also includes exporters for getting models into Source 2.

Key Features for Source 2

    Sprite Render Script

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    This script will render animations and pack them into a sprite sheet. It exports the image file, the animation frame data as an XML file, and optionally a heightmap.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (v0.7)

    + Render Lists use XML. (they work now)
    + Included an option to turn cropping off.
    + Config settings are now written and read in a consistent way. (now it works)
    + Border padding has been fixed.
    + Added an option in the viewer to toggle the frame borders

    pX SpritesRender

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    Walking Character Isabella Renders different angles of an animation from a character or object for use in 2D games. (Supports Render Elements ) This scripted utility for 3ds Max automate a useful task  that would be tedious manually. UPDATE 2017: Now it join the imges as Sprite Sheet!Click here for Help and Instructions


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    This tool converts 2D sprites into 3D in seconds.


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    Detailer Plugin

    Detailer is a commercial scripted plugin for 3ds Max to generate billboards. Its main focus is creating billboards that can be exported into the Source Game Engine.

    This plugin will add a new category in your create tab called Wall Worm and add three geometry objects that you can create:

    Detail Type
    Detail Group
    Detail Prop

    Sprite Tools

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    Sprite Tools is a free MAXScript that you can run inside 3ds Max. I primarily wrote this to accomodate some features I will be adding to Wall Worm in the near future.

    What Are Sprite Tools

    Sprite Tools consist of several functions:

    ◦ Convert sprite card bitmaps to animated bitmap nodes
    ◦ Convert animated bitmap nodes into IFL files
    ◦ Convert animated textures or IFL files into sprite cards
    ◦ Place Sprites into a 3ds Max scene which are always facing a look at target

    sprite tools

    Sprite Buffer

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    Such a Maya feature to compare rendered images. Result displayed into VFB. Which means that you have ZoomIn/ZoomOut control (which is useful in comparing bitmaps) and also access to all VFB's controls like: Save, Copy, Clone, RGBA, ... etc.

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