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RH Map Node Renamer

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It takes the material assigned to the selected object and assigns the name of the object to it. Then it checks if there is a bitmap texture assigned to "Diffuse", "Specular Level", "Opacity" and "Bump". If it finds a bitmap texture in the slot it renames the bitmap texture node to "Color", "Specular", "Opacity", "Normal". Then it also renames the textures asigned using the pattern "NameOfTheObject_NameOfSlot.*" ex. SmallBox_Color.bmp


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this script adds suffix to diffuse and ambient filename textures.

(at this moment it add diffuse and ambient suffix at same time. early i update it)

usually i use it to add "_low" or "high" suffix...

to assign a shortcut: "customize user interface" -> "mainUI" -> "compariello"

* this script works with filename textures with just one dot. either it give you rollout error!

** it do not function with NOTUNIQUE material / textures !!!!

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