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Content Browser

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The Content Browser helps you quickly browse and import 3D assets on your computer.

Load any folder accessible on your machine and the Content Browser will find any materials, hdri’s, models, and max files. It will group, organize and display these files as assets, recognizing previews, LODs, mapping channels, resolutions and other important information automatically. 

It simplifies the importing and merging process for 3d models, max files, material creation and hdri environment maps by allowing you to directly browse, filter and drag all of your 3D assets from sources like MegaScans, PolyHaven, gameTextures, Poliigon, Arroway into 3ds max viewport or material editor. 

Main Features

  • Load any folder and find 3D models, max files, materials and hdri’s.
  • Show grouped files as assets, group matching assets and find preview images.
  • Drag and Drop asset into the 3ds max viewport or the Slate Material Editor
  • Import assets to Slate and Compact Material Editors
  • Default Merge and Import 3d files and max scenes, with automatic relinking filepaths
  • Choose LODs/resolution/variations and Import multiple assets at once
  • Folder hierarchy, File list and Preview Gallery

Scene Notes Pro @ Show Notes Only

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Scene Notes Pro Show Notes allows you to read the notes saved with Scene Notes Pro.

You can't add and/or edit the notes, only to read them in case that you do not own Scene Notes Pro.


UDIM Maxscript help tool

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It’s a Maxscript tool for working with multi tile textures with 3ds Max 2016 and below.


New version v.02!
Updated: 2017.11.16

- Added set Bump option
- Fixed a bug when there are less than 10 material the self-illim and bump setter rised an error

Purpose of the script:
– When you work with multi tile texturing with older Max than 2017 there is no way to deal with the texturing fast.

What it does:

Multi Texture Tiler

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New version update: Possibility to use files without any prefix choosing them manually (thanks to Branko Živković for pushing me in that direction).


The Multi Texture Tiler (MTT) is a plugin for 3DS Max 2008 - 2013 to apply multiple textures to multiple UV-Tiles immediately.


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Does a render of the currently selected texmap from the material editor on the objects that it's applied to in the scene. Think of it as something similar to the "Show Map In Viewport" function, except it works with all procedurals (Show Map In Viewport does not always produce correct results) and does a full render instead of doing the openGL viewport preview.


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Creates a Blended Box Map for your selected objects. Basically, it's box mapping, but the edges of the box are blended so you can place the map on a curved surface and not have horrible seams

UVW Aspect Fix

12 votes

The script takes existing UVW Elements and scales them relatively to
their proportions in the parent object.

Works only on a single poly or mesh object.


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Creates a new texture plugin - RGB Add. it's the opposite of RGB multiply - adding the color values of two maps together. it works by using rgb_multiply with inverted input maps and inverting the output.


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Replaces all Bitmap-Bumpchannels with a NormalBump.

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