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A small tool for working with your texel density and scaling your UV-shells.

Some features:
Has a minimalistic Interface (similar to Maya)
Can Get and Set texel density.
Saves all of your settings (including window position) every time you close it.
Shows the most understandable values (px/m).
Works with different system untis (including non-metric).
Can scale UV-Shells horizontally or/and verically using custom pivot.

Requires Unwrap UVW modifier applied and active.

Works bad when:
UV-Shell is not convex (has no seams).
When you try to work with multiple nodes (Objects).

This script is free.


Drag/Drop it on 3ds max viewport or run it via 'Max Script-> Run Script...'.
Go to "Customize User Interface", in 'Category' select 'Custom', there will be 'Texel Density Tool' assing a hotkey for it or drop it on your custom toolbar.

A short video showing this process:

Additional Info: 

Additional credits:
In the core of this script I've used "UV Normalizer" which was made by Manu Pratap ([email protected]).

Here is the link to it: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/uv-normalizer

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RE: Bug with splines converted to editable poly

Can you send me this?
Also which max u're using?

Here I did it on my side:

Also sometimes there is a problem with UV's. It is some kind of 3ds max bug, when default UV's are bad for some reason (I think it can't figure area correctly for that shell and I don't know how to fix that yet. I might need to make my own algorithm to calculate area).

Here's how you can understand that UV's have some sort of a problem - If you select and press "set" button multiple times and every time you press the button your shell become smaller and smaller - that's mean that this shell is "broken". You need to redo it, for example apply "Flatten Mapping". After you do it - it should solve the problem.

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Bug with splines converted to editable poly

I was working with a spline to create a piece for a trim texture. However when I converted the spline to an editable poly the get and set were not working properly. In example I used a 4 meter piece and it would continue scaling the piece down to an incorrect size. (See attached image for comparison to a 4x4 meter plane)

I was however able to find a work-around by converting the editable poly spline into a editable mesh and unwrapping that.

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There are still some bugs.

Guys pay attention. There are still some bugs.
I know about at least 3 of them:

1) Script doesn't work properly with instanced Unwrap UVW modifier. Please combine objects before adding modifier;
2) Script can give you wrong results if you didn't killed object's scale transformation (you can apply 'Reset X-Form' before using it);
3) For some objects sometimes it can't figure Texel Density, this bug seems like related to 3ds max it self. Because other instruments like "Relax" for those objects doesn't work as well. And Im not sure what causing this problems, it seems like max can't figure square adequately for some objects.

Two of this bugs I will fix in some near future, can't say exactly when, but I remember about it. Im just too lazy for the moment to do it. If you don't want to wait, I deliberately left the script open and wrote comments to each line of code, so you could fix everything you don't like by your self. About third bug as I said I have no clue how to fix it. May be I will write my own algorithm for calculating square and see whether it help or not.

Also some people was asking me to add non-square texture support. So I will add this later as well with some other small improvements.

If you found any other bugs or something doesn't work as you expected for example - please don't shy and report it.


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