Texel Density Tool

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A small tool for working with your texel density and scaling your UV-shells.

Some features:
Has a minimalistic Interface (similar to Maya)
Can Get and Set texel density.
Saves all of your settings (including window position) every time you close it.
Shows the most understandable values (px/m).
Works with different system untis (including non-metric).
Can scale UV-Shells horizontally or/and verically using custom pivot.

Requires Unwrap UVW modifier applied and active.

Works bad when:
UV-Shell is not convex (has no seams).
When you try to work with multiple nodes (Objects).

This script is free.


Drag/Drop it on 3ds max viewport or run it via 'Max Script-> Run Script...'.
Go to "Customize User Interface", in 'Category' select 'Custom', there will be 'Texel Density Tool' assing a hotkey for it or drop it on your custom toolbar.

A short video showing this process:

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Additional credits:
In the core of this script I've used "UV Normalizer" which was made by Manu Pratap ([email protected]).

Here is the link to it: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/uv-normalizer

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