The Cave Mans Dream

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EDIT: I have uploaded a newer version of the script with a simple change. I just tested it with Max 2012 64bit. The only major change is you can now add names to the different systems that are created.

This is my first script that I wrote while learning MaxScript. It creates a particle flow system that creates a fire effect on a selected object in a scene. This is my first pass so I figured I would post it up here and get some feedback and if it helps some people that's cool to.

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I am a student that is currently pursuing a career that will allow me to use my artistic skills as well as my technical skills. Any feedback is appreciated, I am always looking to learn and build in the areas that I might be lacking. If you are confused on anything about this script there is a tutorial that I posted on that walks through everything on the script.

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Created with 3ds max 2011
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I am not sure what has

EDIT: So I just looked up the documentation and 3D_Type is still there, so I would guess how I scripted this is no longer supported, or the particle system has changed, or ... there are a lot of possibilities for things to change. Looking at the documentation there is support for python (not available when I wrote this), so I think a lot has changed over the years that will make this script outdated.

I am not sure what has changed in Max over the past few years, but I have not used 3ds max in 4 years or so. Looking at what the error is I am guessing what ever object is giving the error no longer has that property, or its been named something else. I would suggest looking up the ShapeLibrary class and see if it still exists. If so, what property has replaced 3D_type. I have had another person send me a message about another error, so even getting past this one, I am sure there are a hand full more waiting to be fixed. Sorry for not being much help, but this was the first and last thing I wrote for 3DS Max.

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bug with 3DSMAX 2016


Currently, the script (version 1.1) doesn't work with 3DSMAX 2016. :-(

Here is a screenshot:

Heberger image

Please, please, update your great script.

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Hi, i am new to script part

Hi, i am new to script part for me doesn't work in max 2014 64bit i am facing problem is unknown property : "emit_start" in undefined pls help me.

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Hi, you have to go to the

Hi, you have to go to the particle view and disconnect the 'Firesystem' and connect it again to the 'FireSystemMainEvent', worked for me on 3ds max 2013 64bit, Great Plugin!


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Same Problem

Object selects normally but particle streams do not leave the object and move towards the wind object.
So obviously I have no fire.

Using Max 2013 Win7 i7 x64 8Gb + 1.5Tb.

NOTE: It also exhibits the same problem in my copy of Max 2012 here.
Does the script use or rely on anything external that is not included in the
standard Max install?

Actually this can be a very useful tool once fully fledged out.


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Great work man... continues

Great work man... continues to evolve the idea can become a good tool, good luck
3d Artist  

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Nothing happens #2

It doesn't work in max 2013 64bit, pls help me.
The fire doesn't show when i click the create fire button.
Thank you!
my email: [email protected]

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Nothing happens

hi, I'm new to 3dmax and working in max 2010, i followed the tutorial but wen i click in the create fire button, the fire dosnt show, y get the control and that marker in the center of the plane but not fire, any ideas of what im doing wrong or if its the version????

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Nice script! Can it be added as a button?
Thank you!

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MAXScript FileIn Exception

thanks for the script.
would be useful for me, but I work on max2008.
when I run your script "", this window-message "MAXScript FileIn Exception" appears:
--Syntax error: at on, expected
--In line: on s

Please, it would be possible to make the script work in max2008?
tnk :)

max2008_exception.jpg 189.04 KB

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