The Cave Mans Dream

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EDIT: I have uploaded a newer version of the script with a simple change. I just tested it with Max 2012 64bit. The only major change is you can now add names to the different systems that are created.

This is my first script that I wrote while learning MaxScript. It creates a particle flow system that creates a fire effect on a selected object in a scene. This is my first pass so I figured I would post it up here and get some feedback and if it helps some people that's cool to.

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I am a student that is currently pursuing a career that will allow me to use my artistic skills as well as my technical skills. Any feedback is appreciated, I am always looking to learn and build in the areas that I might be lacking. If you are confused on anything about this script there is a tutorial that I posted on that walks through everything on the script.

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Created with 3ds max 2011
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caveman.ms7.89 KB
cavemanv1_1.ms8.19 KB


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Caveman Fire Script

Thanks for making this script! It gives us easy access to a pretty decent fire effect in very little time.

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Error found

I have same error any solution plz..

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I have same error..

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one of...

... the most useful script i have found there for my use.
So simple to for getting such a really good result !

Thank you so much

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Thanks a lot for the script. It was very helpful. Just so you know, I tried doing this with a sphere and it didn't work. It worked for a box though.

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Yeah, maybe it's better not

Yeah, maybe it's better not to add confusion with another (almost) similar article.

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As i'm not the original

As i'm not the creator of the main post or the original script, i can't edit anything in the main text. I only can post a link in the comments section, like i did. The whole main post can only be edited by the original author ( which is not me). Putting the CavemanEx script into a complete new post, would have been an option, but i did'nt want to create more confusion. But maybe i will do exactly that over the next days...

PS: just learned that theMadMonster's forename is "Joseph" ( mine is "Josef" ) but that's pure coincidence Smile )

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Hello. I think you should


I think you should replace the old download links in the ATTACHEMENTS: 7.89 KB 8.19 KB

by " 18 KB"

Also, the latest version should not be 1.1 but 1.2 (at the top of the page, next to the votes).

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Fixed and enhanced version released...

Here's a fixed and enhanced version ( i call it CavemanEx to keep it distinct from the original )
CavemanEx V1.2 comes with the following fixes and enhancements :

  • Max 2016+ compatibility, UI code cleanup
  • Allows to manage multiple fire systems in the scene ( Firesystem pick option)
  • UI for particle display type, motionblur and other previously missing options
  • Framerate independence ( the original was hardcoded for 30fps )
  • Sanity and error case checking to make things more stable ..

Download: CavemanEx (Release)

Here is a screenshot of the updated version:

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Fix is in the works ...

High guys !
I just stumbled over the post by Pyro on the Area's Max Programming forum and thought i'll spend a couple of hours and fix the script for Max 2016 and up... The Max 2016 issue is fixed already ( they changed the property names to be more sane ... ). I came upon some additional refresh issues ( particle spawn not triggered etc.. ), which are not really Max version dependent.
I'll try to fix those issues too and do some additional sanity checking. I guess the result will be ready later today or tomorrow. I'll post again when it's done ...

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