The Cave Mans Dream

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EDIT: I have uploaded a newer version of the script with a simple change. I just tested it with Max 2012 64bit. The only major change is you can now add names to the different systems that are created.

This is my first script that I wrote while learning MaxScript. It creates a particle flow system that creates a fire effect on a selected object in a scene. This is my first pass so I figured I would post it up here and get some feedback and if it helps some people that's cool to.

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I am a student that is currently pursuing a career that will allow me to use my artistic skills as well as my technical skills. Any feedback is appreciated, I am always looking to learn and build in the areas that I might be lacking. If you are confused on anything about this script there is a tutorial that I posted on that walks through everything on the script.

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Created with 3ds max 2011
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caveman.ms7.89 KB
cavemanv1_1.ms8.19 KB


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it works in max 2010-64

it works in max 2010-64 aswell.

Nice script, but could still use some improvement.
I had an error at some point (somewhere after creating a second fire-system accidently and ctrl-z) Plus one still has to go into the particle-view to realy tweak it.... well, still a nice script anyway.

I had a hard time combining it with a Vray Cam + Light, but i just played with it for an hour or so.

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motion blur

As for the motion blur part I have been trying to figure this out for a while. What I have found is that there is two motion blurs for the particle flow. What I mean by this, in the view port you can right click the particle flow and change the motion blur (this is the motion blur that is commented out of my script, it is not the right one). The motion blur that I cant seem to find is the one that you get to from the particle view menu. If someone knows please do tell, I have asked on forums and no one seems to respond.

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Nice Script. We must

Nice Script.

We must certainly add the "motion blur by image" by our self, this is perhaps a bit unnecessary.

I see you've tried to do it in the script and commented out. I tried to find Out of this, but are stuck here. I can see more on it tonight if I have time. maybe you can do it with camera.

Anyone that know how to do this with pf ?

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

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Nice should prove very handy

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