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TopoLogiK is a new Retopology tool for 3dsmax.

It brings a more procedural and parametric approach to retopology in 3dsmax.

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Updates :


  • V1.12

    • - Main UI :
      - Faster and more reliable High POLY management.
      - Hide/show edges and material.
      - No locked or corrupted mesh anymore.
      - Shell Value is now saved and reloaded properly with the retopo object.
    • All tools :
      - Shift + Double click : select border edge loop.
      which makes a lot of them way faster to use in most cases.
    • Create Face :
      - CTRL can move verts edges and faces depending on the closest ones.
      - CTRL + SHIFT : Select sub-element collections.
      - CTRL + SHIFT + ALT : Deselect sub-element collections.


      - SHIFT + CTRL + double click : select full edge loop.
      - SHIFT + ALT : deselect border edge loop.
      - CTRL + ALT : Chamfer selected or highlighted elements.

      - Better undo on deleted faces
      - Better snap behavior and snap when loop extrude.
      - Ctrl Key : no accidental face creation when Ctrl is pressed.
      - No little quad created at world center in case of face not created.

    • Straighten Brush :
      - SHIFT : Make Circle from selection.
      - SHIFT + ALT : Rotate circle.
  • V1.11

    • Bug corrections on the pie menu and shortcuts help window for 4K monitors users who experienced an offset between the mouse and the pie menu.
    • Less slowdown on very high resolution meshes with the Create Face tool.

Features :

All these tools work with a continuous projection on the reference mesh.

  • Stripes 
    • Paint Stripe.
    • Move Bezier knots.
    • Change bezier Knots count while keeping the curve.
    • Change Stripe subdivs.
    • Taper Ends.
    • Snap on other edges.
    • Auto adapt width.
    • Edit custom Edge ring like a Stripe.
    • Brush Radius.
  • Surface
    • Paint Surface.
    • Move Bezier knots.
    • Change bezier Knots count while keeping the curves.
    • Change Surface width and height subdivs.
    • Continue surface after surface.
    • Can extend an Edge selection.
    • Brush Radius.
  • Create Face
    • Create new face from nothing, edge, vertex or corner.
    • Auto snap/weld to the closest vertex or edge.
    • Select and extend edge loop.
    • Move vertex.
    • Delete Face.
  • Branch
    • Paint Branches.
    • Move end points.
    • Change width and height subdivs.
    • Twist and rotate.
    • Continue branch after branch.
    • Extend open branches.
  • Bridge
    • Select start and end edge loop.
    • Change bridge subdivs.
  • Cap
    • Cap hole.
    • Rotate the Cap mesh to find the perfect orientation.
    • Change the Cap subdivs with all possible cases.
  • Relax
    • Relax Brush.
    • Change Radius and Strength.
  • Move
    • Auto find the closest sub element (Face, Edge or Vertex).
    • Auto snap to closest vertex.
    • Add and remove from selection.
    • Move a selection.
    • Delete a selection or Paint delete (Face, Edge or Vertex).
    • Select Edge Loop.
    • Snap along edges.
  • Move Brush
    • Change Radius and Strength
    • Soft Radius
    • Relax brush with Shift key.
  • Straighten Brush
    • Straighten Vertex or Edge selection.
    • Select Edge Loop.
    • Add and remove from selection.
  • Freeze tools (protect faces from changes)
    • Freeze brush.
      • Freeze & Unfreeze.
      • Freeze & Unfreeze all.
    • Freeze & Unfreeze face selection.
  • Split
    • Auto-detection of the closest edge ring.
    • Slide the new Edge loop along the closest edge.
    • Split from custom Start to End edges.
  • Cut
    • Snap to vertex.
    • Snap along edge.
    • Delete selected edge.
  • Opacity controls.
  • Projection distance.
  • Live project (to project using editable poly or mesh).
  • Symmetry functions.
  • Dynamic shortcuts reminder.
Version Requirement: 
2013 to 2020
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aksmfakt132's picture

I like this

I will but it

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This tool looks absolutely

This tool looks absolutely unbelievable!
I had to control my insta-buy urge after seeing the demo video. Sadly at the moment i almost do no 3ds Max modelling work, so a purchase will have to wait until i return back to more Max related work..

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