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Great script for creating trees... Some of the 'sweet' things about this script are:
- After you generate the branches - you can rotate and move them about to more easily control the shape of the generated tree.
- The generated tree already has mapping coordinates applied (this isn't perfected yet - but it works pretty well).
- You can delete branches you don't want and the routines will correctly generate the connections for the remaining branches.
- Once you're happy with the tree you can collapse it into a single mesh and then use meshsmooth - relax - etc. to further enhance its appearance.

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version 5.0 Update: Ok - here's version 5. For Max users - this is essentially the same as V 4.5; for Viz users - however - this new version allows you to generate and collapse leaves. Previous versions could only do this with particle systems which worked fine in Max - but Viz doesn't have particle systems - so the script would error out.

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4; 3
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Here's a new version that should work with 2014 and on

Better algorithm that works on 2014 (and hopefully all other versions of Max).

I've improved the connectors to be more robust (try applying relax to the mesh once all of the branches have been collapsed to create some surreal organic shapes).

All branches have their local coordinate systems set to provide ease of moving, rotating, scaling, etc.

There's now an option to randomly have single branches generated (instead of always two branches).

You can now reparent branches to a new branch (there can still only be a max of two branches at any connector, but you can delete one or more of them, relink (using Max's built-in select-and-link functionality) to another branch (not the connector), then use the Tree Tools roll-out to move the branch to the parent's end (or just move its pivot), and it'll behave like it's always been there.

I've not, however, updated the notes in "Help Me," yet, to reflect any of these changes.

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Is this suppose to work in max 2014

Getting "unknown property: height in undefined" error straight away. No option to define the height. Regarding Max 4. Its dead I think

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tree maker

tree maker

iris7pt's picture

it does not work

although it works on max 2012 win XP 64x it does not work at all on Max 2012 win7 64x.

Any corrections available?

It was amazing to get it to work again....

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Wonderful, I suggest it to

Wonderful, I suggest it to all professional artists

NAvid Rouhi

beem's picture

thanks a lot for this

thanks a lot for this script!

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Nice script! Can somebody

Nice script! Can somebody tell me how to map the leaves? I'd like to apply at least an opacity map.

Email to Azghul (at) plz

skwerm's picture

Shawn: I'm trying to contact


I'm trying to contact you with a question about your Follow Surface script. If you don't mind, please let me know how I can contact you.

I can be reached at skwerm (at) skwerm (dot) com.

Many thanks!

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mhhh... it does not work in

mhhh... it does not work in my 3dsmax9 x64.
all branches start at the ground!

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Nice script, I got word of

Nice script, I got word of your script from a tutorial on total textures v10.(trees and plants).

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