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Automate and simplify the creation, edition and animation of multiple path deformed meshes!



TurboSplines is a 3dsMax script for creating multiple spline wrapping animations (a.k.a. path deform animations) incredibly fast.

This tool automatically assigns Path Deform modifiers to preset or custom meshes and helps you quickly produce many spline-driven animations, which you can easily control from a friendly interface.

Make growing splines, animated cables, wires, ropes, ribbons, moving tentacles, branches, worms, etc.

TurboSplines uses 3dsMax standard modifiers and geometry, so you can edit your meshes and animations without needing the script. There's no plugin dependency.

TurboSplines 3dsmax script by SplineDynamics.com
TurboSplines 3dsmax script by SplineDynamics.com


TurboSplines Features

  • Create, edit and animate multiple spline wrapped meshes with just a few clicks. (Automatic “Path Deform” modifiers creation/edition/animation)
  • Choose between predefined mesh types (cylinder, capsule, box, ribbon) or use your custom profile shapes or meshes.
  • Can handle many meshes per path simultaneously.
  • Assigns mesh references to all the paths, keeping the bound with the original object.
  • Additional features to enrich meshes’ final aspect and expand animation possibilities: Taper, Tip, Slice start/end.
  • Animate all parameters (radius, scale, height, segmentation, path percent, rotation, twist, stretch) from a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Copy and paste parameters between meshes
  • Apply variation and offset to your animations to add realism.
  • 3 types of animation along path: move, grow, reveal.
  • Convert your renderable splines into animatable path deformed meshes with a single click.
  • Additional tool: convert any spline into a custom helical path to make growing springs and spiral cables.

There's plenty of tutorials and documentation at www.SplineDynamics.com

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Version updates / New Features:

v 1.07:

  • The upper limit for Segments(%) parameter, at Edition section, was greately increased to allow higher mesh resollutions when working at small scales.

v 1.20:

  • Replaced the use of ‘Path Deform WSM’ modifier with ‘PathDeform2’ modifier introduced in 3dsMax 2018.3, keeping backwards compatibility.
Version Requirement: 
2015 +
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Now Lifetime License!

Because many people asked for it, TurboSplines' licenses are now for lifetime.

We expanded all past and present licenses.

Check it out at www.SplineDynamics.com

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Version 1.02 update is ready

- Added automatic products update checking every 15 days.
- Solved conflict with VPN software.

Purchase a TurboSplines license or download the Trial version at:

Or download this update from the Product Updates page:

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