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NOTE: Requires VRay (Uses VRay Displacement modifier).

This is intended as a 'head start' when creating Tyres (Tires), for vehicle wheels.
Still experimental and very much open to suggestions.

[ Click the thumbnails above for larger image ]

Should be fairly self-explanatory on how to use but just in case its needed the help section can be toggled by right-clicking the 'preview' area.

Feedback most welcome.

TyreTire v0.7 is now completely FREE...Merry Christmas!
Yes, the trial period has been removed so its even more user friendly than ever.
If you've had problems getting the script to run before, please try v0.7.
Tested on:
3dsMax 2015 (17.0) SP2
VRay Adv 3.00.07

Fixed issues with mapping.
Fixed Map Dir Missing error.
Refined error checking.
Added 33%.
Tried to add profile scaling option when rim radius changed but failed on all accounts. If anyone knows how to scale the 'custom' shape of a sweep modifier via mxs with the same effect as manually scaling the spline sub-object of the profile..... and would care to share then I'll add it in.....meantime, I'm all out of ideas.

Fixed many issues with Windows 8.(Sorry Windows 8 Users, I didn't know it was that bad.)
Fixed height issue when changing 'tread depth' spinner.
Limited 'Rim Radius' spinner to zero or positive values only.
Fixed spinner 'Type in' method, should now work ok.
Slight change to 'Help' menu text.

Added error checking, now outputs to listener.
Fixed custom spline orientation bug.
Fixed profile movement when rim diameter changed.
Last used custom profile / map should now be retained.
Spinners now disabled until a tyre has been created.

Fixed HKey error. (Tested in Max 2014 on Win7 x64)
Swapped UI around for a more logical workflow.

Now checks for VRay installation.
Minor tweaks. Corrected 'help' error.

Additional Info: 

To Install:

Unzip somewhere.
Then either...
1: MAXScript > Run Script... 'TyreTire_FREE_v0.7.mse' or...
2: MAXScript > Run Script... 'TyreTire_FREE_v0.7.mcr' for the macro version, then...

Customize > Customize UI >
Category: MrTom
ScriptName: F9 Tyre Tire

1: Custom 'profile' splines should to be created in the TOP viewport and in a CCW direction......ie, with vertex 1 on the right.
This should keep the normals facing outward.
You can edit the profile created by the script anyway which may be an easier option.

2: The image folder needs to stay with the script file for the script to load.

Version Requirement: 
Built with Win7 / 3dsMax 2015 x64. Tested with 3dsMax 2013/2014/2015 Win7/8 x86/x64
Other Software Required: 
VRay (Any version that supports VRay displacement modifier)
tyretire_free_v0.7.zip1.37 MB


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barigazy's picture


Are you planning to add mental ray support. Height and 3D displacement map are quete powerful. I also love cebas finalRender displacement modifier which pretty much works as VRayDisplaceMod but also have viewport preview.
I use VRay for most of my projects, but for small projects mental ray can produce soume outstanding results. This is what I done four years ago in mr, when I have free time I will try to remake this with your tool and VRay
Concept Mitsubishi rim Yokohama Tire
Concept Mitsubishi rim Toyo Tire


barigazy's picture


Yup. Scriptspot have one of the best forum (mxs related).
To backup profile u can use


But you already knows that.
I wrote custom fn for that

fn extractSweepSection mody = if isKindOf mody sweep do
	local customSection
	if isValidNode (customSection = getNodeByName mody.CustomShapeName) then customSection else
		customSection = if mody.shapes[1] != undefined do (splineshape baseobject:mody.shapes[1])
		if customSection != undefined do mody.shapes[1] = customSection 
	) ; customSection
extractSweepSection $.sweep

About scaling spline issue I have more elegant solution (without modifiers)
But as I said earlier this is not place for discussion :)


MrTom's picture

Scaling solved

Thanks Barigazy, I keep forgetting Scriptspot has a forum.

As it happens I've solved the scaling issue now.....I've used a Linked XForm on the profile. I just need to add some 'back-up' code in case the profile gets deleted but once thats done I should be able to add it into the UI.


barigazy's picture


Hey MrTom you can at least open new thread on the forum about scaling issue
and we can discuss there. But you also need to provide some screenshoots


MrTom's picture

Tyre Tire v0.6b

This version hopefully fixes a few issues regards the mapping of the images and errors finding the pre-set image directory.

If you have had issues with the script not opening because of a missing map directory this should fix it....fingers crossed.

I've also tried to add an option to scale the profile when the rim radius is changed. I failed dismally but will endeavour to add that option somehow....sometime.


MrTom's picture

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice!

Hi Gus.

Can you run the script again (no need to render) but run it with the Maxscript Listener open.

It should tell you exactly whats going on and if there are any any errors.

If the text is red then there is an error and the word ERROR should be shown somewhere in the list.

Copy and paste ALL of the Listener text into an e-mail and send it to me.

Just before you do that, just make sure that ALL the files/folders in the downloaded zip are in the same folder/directory......it looks like they are as you didn't get a warning and the preview is ok but just to be sure.

Also make sure VRay is the render engine......again you should get a warning if it isn't and the option to set it.

Also check the VRay Displacement Modifier has been added to the top of the stack and that 'Use object mtl' is checked.

I really appreciate your feedback on this.....its the only way of knowing about problems like this......I just need to be able to replicate the problem in order to find a solution.

It is a strange one though.

PS. What version of VRay are you using?


Gus's picture


I followed all the steps, but the result is this
not render, texture
I have to manually map

result.jpg 93.16 KB
MrTom's picture

Mission Impossible!

Not sure what you're doing here Gus but there is no way those settings could possibly give you those renders......and just what have you done to the material?

To highlight my point look at the 'Tiling' value for 'V'. In one its 0.7 and in the other its 0.5. This value controls how many times the 'map' is repeated AROUND the circumference of the tyre....which is why the spinner for this mapping in my rollout is constrained to an integer, (whole number). You see why 0.7 or 0.5 couldn't possibly give you the result in your image?

The rollout spinners are not controlled by the material editor as there seems little point....there is no need to change the mapping, (tiling), in the material editor if the tyre object still has focus with the rollout. Once it loses focus the rollout has no further control on the object anyway.

To make it absolutely clear.....you do not 'NEED' to change anything once the tyre is created....that's the whole point of the script...it does it all for you....it creates the tyre object, adds a displacement modifier, creates a rubber material, applies that material to the object, adds mapping coords, tiles the mapping AND adjusts the object height to allow for the tread depth, (so when rendered the tyre sits on the ground.)

That said, the presets I have done use generic values, so, the option to 'tweak' a few parameters is an option in the rollout to make things easier. In other words you don't have to go to the command panel or the material editor just to change the rim size or the mapping.....for example.

To put all that another way, this works 'out-of-the-box'.

Try this...

1. Download the scene attached and open it. (Max 2010 or later)
2. Run the script.
3. Click the 'Create Tyre Tire' button.

Change the 'Mapping U:' value to 1.9

4. Make sure the 'Perspective' viewport is active....and....
5. Render the scene.

You should get something half-decent.

No need for you to dig away in the material editor! (Unless you think my rubber material really sucks and you want to change it....which is understandable :) )

You will however have to change things in the command panel and the material editor once the object loses focus.....in other words if you create more than one tyre and later decide to change the first one you WILL have to do this via the command panel and the material editor.


tyretire_scene_v2010.max 64 KB
Gus's picture

other parameters

parameters motorcycle

my_parameters_motorcycle.jpg 295.5 KB
Gus's picture

Thanks tutorial

my parameters car (Image)
Thank you MrTom fantastic script
Now I try with other tires

my_parameters_car.jpg 333.8 KB

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