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NOTE: Requires VRay (Uses VRay Displacement modifier).

This is intended as a 'head start' when creating Tyres (Tires), for vehicle wheels.
Still experimental and very much open to suggestions.

[ Click the thumbnails above for larger image ]

Should be fairly self-explanatory on how to use but just in case its needed the help section can be toggled by right-clicking the 'preview' area.

Feedback most welcome.

TyreTire v0.7 is now completely FREE...Merry Christmas!
Yes, the trial period has been removed so its even more user friendly than ever.
If you've had problems getting the script to run before, please try v0.7.
Tested on:
3dsMax 2015 (17.0) SP2
VRay Adv 3.00.07

Fixed issues with mapping.
Fixed Map Dir Missing error.
Refined error checking.
Added 33%.
Tried to add profile scaling option when rim radius changed but failed on all accounts. If anyone knows how to scale the 'custom' shape of a sweep modifier via mxs with the same effect as manually scaling the spline sub-object of the profile..... and would care to share then I'll add it in.....meantime, I'm all out of ideas.

Fixed many issues with Windows 8.(Sorry Windows 8 Users, I didn't know it was that bad.)
Fixed height issue when changing 'tread depth' spinner.
Limited 'Rim Radius' spinner to zero or positive values only.
Fixed spinner 'Type in' method, should now work ok.
Slight change to 'Help' menu text.

Added error checking, now outputs to listener.
Fixed custom spline orientation bug.
Fixed profile movement when rim diameter changed.
Last used custom profile / map should now be retained.
Spinners now disabled until a tyre has been created.

Fixed HKey error. (Tested in Max 2014 on Win7 x64)
Swapped UI around for a more logical workflow.

Now checks for VRay installation.
Minor tweaks. Corrected 'help' error.

Additional Info: 

To Install:

Unzip somewhere.
Then either...
1: MAXScript > Run Script... 'TyreTire_FREE_v0.7.mse' or...
2: MAXScript > Run Script... 'TyreTire_FREE_v0.7.mcr' for the macro version, then...

Customize > Customize UI >
Category: MrTom
ScriptName: F9 Tyre Tire

1: Custom 'profile' splines should to be created in the TOP viewport and in a CCW direction......ie, with vertex 1 on the right.
This should keep the normals facing outward.
You can edit the profile created by the script anyway which may be an easier option.

2: The image folder needs to stay with the script file for the script to load.

Version Requirement: 
Built with Win7 / 3dsMax 2015 x64. Tested with 3dsMax 2013/2014/2015 Win7/8 x86/x64
Other Software Required: 
VRay (Any version that supports VRay displacement modifier)
tyretire_free_v0.7.zip1.37 MB


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MrTom's picture


There's really not much to it...

1. Run Script.
2. Select a preset 'tyre'. [Default: Car]
3. Choose if you want the material to go into slot 24. [Default: yes]
4. Click 'Create Tyre-Tire'.

Thats it.

You can 'tweak' the preset if it's not quite how you want it, (and I doubt it will be), or just leave it as-is.

You can choose your own 'Profile' and 'Map' too if the none of the presets suit your needs.....which again can be 'tweaked' after you create the tyre.

By the look of the screen-shot you've already done all this so I'm failing to see exactly what it is you're having a problem with.


Gus's picture

Problem Map

I am a beginner can make a tutorial (Max 2014)

2013-09-04_233802.jpg 334.36 KB
MrTom's picture


I've now added some basic error checking. Whilst this wont necessarily fix the problems it should make it easier to see why some people are getting errors.

If an error is detected it will show in the listener as 'ERROR' and in red.

Should you get an error you can now copy and paste the listener text into an e-mail and send it to me.

It may not detect everything but if you suspect an error then at least it should make easier to track down with the listener text.

Other minor changes include disabling the spinners until a tyre has been created, and any custom profiles or maps should now be retained if you switch to a preset and then back to custom.


oknglr's picture


İs it just run with max 2013 ?

İhave the same problem ,like yusuf_es

Yusuf_ES's picture


Hello Mr.Tom.
This error showing my workstation pc at office. Then, i try to run script my home pc. Script run perfectly. Showing "Hkey" messages. But, i ignore it. :)

Script really great. Tire "ngon" options very good. İ like it. :)

my Office computer problem.
What are the system specs?
- 3dsmax 2011 and sp1 pack installed.
Do you have VRay installed?
- Yes. Vray 2.40 installed. and assign to renderer. (But i try to run your script at home with 3dsmax 2013, vray 2.40, but renderer assigned "default scanline line" run the script showing messages "Do you want assign renderer vray?" Yes and switch to vray renderer and run the script. May be same thing work Office pc. i will try this)
What did you do just before the error that every other user doesn't do?
- Nothing. Reset to max. Fresh viewport and goto maxscript > run script
Can you do it again and take a screen grab?
- ok, i will.

MrTom's picture

Sorry to hear it's not

Sorry to hear it's not working for you.

I'll look into it but I'll need more detailed info from you first......that error could of occurred anywhere at any-time....

What are the system specs?
Do you have VRay installed?
What did you do just before the error that every other user doesn't do?
Can you do it again and take a screen grab?


Yusuf_ES's picture

Good script!

MrTom very good script, but i can't run.

--Syntax error: at keyword parameter, expected name
--In line:

MrTom's picture

Damn and blast!

I was aware of that problem and thought I'd dealt with it....obviously not!

I'll have another look.

Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated.

PS.....would you mind telling me what the system specs are for that error?


Shane Bekker's picture

Nice script but...

I tried running either version on 3DSMax Design 2014 and get the following errors:

When i run the script: Type error: HKey requires HKey, got undefined

Then when i dismiss that and hit Create Tyre Tire: Unable to convert: undefined type: Filename


MrTom's picture


Thanks for the comments so far.....never thought of it as being a 'fun' script but yeah, great.

v0.2b is a minor change just to check VRay is installed before use.
Also added ver number in title.

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