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Benjamin Boscher

This is a handy tool for creating UCX collisions.
It generates hulls based on your polygon or element selection and set their names and pivot points correctly.

If you have any requests or feedback, feel free to contact me to [email protected]
or in the comment section down here ;)

Update 2017/07/22:

- Added an installer in the .rar archive.

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How it works

• Just drag n drop the .ms file into the 3DS Max viewport

• Or drag n drop the .mzp file into the 3DS Max viewport, and then in Customize > Customize user interface, you'll find this script under the N00BY category

1. Make sure your mesh is an editable poly

2. select some polygons or elements

3a. Click "Create convex hull" to generate a convex mesh that will fit your selection.

3b. Or click "Create box" to generate a world aligned bounding box that will enclose your selection.

General informations

• "Vertices max per hull" defines the maximum number of vertices the tool can use to generate the convex hull. The higher this number, the closest the hull will fit your mesh.

• "Inflation" is a distance offset that the hull will get from the surface of your mesh. Does pretty much the same as the push modifier.

• The "World aligned box" part is a slightly modified version of UCX Collision Creator by Sam Deiter. Special thanks to him :)


Only tested on 3DSMax 2015 & 2016.


Version Requirement: 
3DSMax 2015 or higher