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A great update to the toolset that ships with the max 5 unwrap modifier that fixes the features that didn't work and adds many new ones to complete the set.

2008-08-05 Admin: updated broken DL link

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To get this script to work you need to place it in your 'UImacroscripts' dir - the bitmap files need to go in 'uiicons'. Now you'll notice that it replaces a default script. I can't alter this as the modifier calls this named script directly - so back up the original first. Next time you use the unwrapper it should magically appear on the upper right side of the main window. It will also knock you straight into subobject mode - so no more exiting from the unwraper when you click a face because you forgot to set sub object (you silly billy)


I want to be clear about this this time - as loads of people seemed to have trouble. Put uvtools_24i.tga into your 'uiicons' and delete uvtools_24i.bmp (not strictly needed as now I've added a date check on as well) and the script will build the proper icon file to match your background colour. If you ever change your background colour just delete the uvtools_24i.bmp file - and next time you start max the icons will match again. da da!

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Loads of Thanks

thnks thnks thnks

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SmartDevil updated this

SmartDevil updated this script, here :

CG Generalist

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Great, thanks!

Great, thanks!

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I use this tool all the

I use this tool all the time, however I have been trying to find a more current option. Admin - could you point me in the direction to some unwrap tools you prefer?

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Updated broken DL link -

Updated broken DL link - although there are other more current options available (this is max 5 era) ...


Christopher Grant
Admin, ScriptSpot.com

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links don't works

links don't works

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This has become a must for

This has become a must for my unwrapping needs! Thanks you SO much for creating it!

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very good

very good

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