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This script will allow you to send meshes to UVLayout and get them back. It's a modified version of Robert Fletcher's script.

It should be compatible with 3dsmax 9 all the way up to 3dsmax 2013.




  • Speed improvements when sending multiple objects


  • Allow unwrap of multiple objects at the same time


  • UVPipe will attempt to find uvlayout.exe automatically. 
  • Moved creation of temp and config files to User directories to avoid write-errors due to lack of admin rights in restricted environments, typically at work. 
  • Rewrote the functions so that no "temp" mesh is left behind in the max scene while editing. 
  • Objects with spaces in their names can now be send to UVLayout. 
  • Removed tiling button. 
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Drag and Drop the MZP file on 3dsMax's viewport. A button will be automatically added to the Main Toolbar.



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How can i change path to

How can i change path to "uvlayot.exe" after i select it on first run of the script ?
re: found it AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2016 - 64bit\ENU\scripts\UVPipe

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Error on 3ds max 9 x86

Thanks for your work!
I work in 3DS Max 9 versions Windows xp SP2.
Do you support written version MAX 9, but after my appointment to the main panel error message. Please correct this error.

error.jpg 81.03 KB
error2.jpg 85.09 KB
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( faceVertCount = faceVerts.count)

error in line above. See screen shot of problem. When the script is run the object is duplicated with a suffix of 001 then 002, etc for each time you run the script. It works on another object in the scene.

The object that the error comes back with contains 6,482 polys and 6,531 verts.

Also if the object begins with a _ anothor error happens. (see screenshot also)

Vert Count error.jpg 16.99 KB
Error with Object Named With _ At The Start.jpg 22.26 KB
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Thanks for your reply. It

Thanks for your reply. It seems that I have already found the reason. In my obj import settings "reset scene" was checked. Unchecking helped to solve the problem.

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Attach the scene, or at least one object of it, so Norman can check(if he wants ofcourse) where the problem is.

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strange issue

First of all thanks for the script, it's great, very helpful.
But today I encountered very disturbing issue. Pressing "send" button resets max scene without saving and imports mesh from Uvlayout with flipped axis and broken smoothing groups. What can be done to fix it?

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Interesting results! I will

Interesting results! I will take a close look at your script to how you did it ;)

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Both works on max2014.
I did some speed tests. You can see the results in the attachments.
Tested on 3dsMax 2014 + Win8 x64.

uvpipe_sppedtest.zip 1.33 MB
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Which script works for 2014?

Which script works for 2014? Yours or mine? :P
I havent tested anything on 2014 yet! Maybe mine is broken :O

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I saw that you have posted the multi object unwrap. :)

By the way, the script can work with max2014 too.

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