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Randomizer is a plugin to create UVW maps in several objects at the same time with the intention of randomize the position and rotation of them. It can be useful in the creation of objects with the same material but different pattern like tiled floors.


Randomizer-ui To create a UVW you should:

  • Select the objects where you want to apply the UVW 
  • Choose the Type of UVW map that you want to use. (In future versions there will be more to choose) 
  • The script will create a UVW map with the dimensions of the objects unless you check custom size and introduce the desired dimensions Press “Create UVWMap” and the script will create a UVWmap in every selected object 
  • Choose the map channel where you want to create the texture. That will be useful to mix different maps (new for the 2.0 version) 

To randomize the UVW position:

  • Check “Tiled map” if the texture you are using is tiled 
  • Press “Random Position” 

To randomize the UVW rotation :(new for the 2.0 version)

  • Check “Snap Random Rotation” if you want the texture to rotate a fixed amount and select the amount you want(90 or 180) 
  • Press “Random Rotation” 


  • When the map is not Tiled you should press the “Random Position” button just once. If you press it more than one, some seams will be visible. (That issue will be fixed in future versions) 
  • In theory you can use “Random Position” in UVW maps that are already on the objects but I am not responsible for the results.
Other Software Required: 
3d max
uvw_randomizer_2.0.ms6.61 KB


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Miguelixx's picture

It doesn't work that way...

Hi, Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.
The idea is that you create the floor of separate objects.
A plugin that randomize the uvw of the different meshes inside an object, is way more complicated. Maybe in the future I will get bored enough to make it!!

About Updating the info... I think that the plugin does what It says it will. I talk about objects all the time, not meshes.

one option that you have to go around your problem is to use:
to detach everything, then use my script and then attach everything again.
that should work.

short_cirkuit's picture

doesnt work properly?


Thanks for this script it seems very promising

I ran this script on tiles that i generated from FLOORGENERATOR script. I ran it and it doesnt randomly apply the uvy map - you have to detach ALL elements first individually and then run the script (you might want to update the info). Is there a way you can use this script without detaching?

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