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VersionControl integrates the Perforce version control system into the Max UI. As an artist uses the standard Max file Open/Save routines VersionControl checks the file against the source archive and checks the scene and
all necessary support files out if necessary - alerts the user if another artist has the file checked out - allows the artist to add new files to the archive - and
lets the artist view files (read-only) without checking them out.

VersionControl has been tested - refined and used in production environments at multiple companies since 2002.

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The core functions that integrate the VersionControl package with Perforce are kept in a separate file from the code for the UI. This encapsulation provides a way for the functions to be recoded to integrate with other version control systems without requiring an entire rewrite of the scripts.

Perforce is free to use for non-commercial products. That makes it a great tool for game mod teams to use for versioning their code and assets.

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7; 6; 5; 4
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