Vertex normals selector

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Benjamin Boscher

This is a very handy tool when working with vertex normals.
Basically it convert your current sub-object selection into the matching vertex normals selection.
In the "Edit Normals" modifier the selection tools are very limited (no loop, no ring, no selection by angle, etc...), so this script can save you a lot of time ;)

If you have any requests or feedback, feel free to contact me at [email protected]
or in the comment section down here ;)

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How it works

• Just drag n drop the .ms file into the 3DS Max viewport

• Select an object and make any sub-object selection you need. (The object must be an Editable Poly, Edit Poly modifier not handled)

• Then click the right script button, i.e. if you have selected some vertices, then click "Vertices to normals". It works the same with edges and faces.


Tested on 3DSMax 2016.


Version Requirement: 
2016, but it should work on others versions.