Vertex welder

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Apply with one clic a vertex weld on an editpoly, with a 0.001 threshold.

No matter if there are some modifier.

vertex weld

If you want to change the default position of the script window, edit the .ms and change [x,y] values of pos:[85,385] .

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After running the script, you'll find the category "Vinc3rz tools" in the customize menu.

All contributions are welcome.


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script update

script update

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i will include this little

i will include this little change in my script.
I find strange to use this high value, do you take care of your scene scale ? Or maybe it is usefull when you use inch ? (i'm not familier with this unit) :)

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Works fine now with higher values :)

Seems to work fine now with values ranging from 0.001 to 100 :)

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Doesn't work when not collapsed to Editable poly

I found that your script doesn't work with non editable poly objects.
For example, create a plane, add an Edit Poly modifier on it and try to run your script: it won't do anything unless you actually convert it into an editable poly before.
Just to let you know.

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Modified it to work with higher values

I modified your script a bit to have it working between 0.001 and 100 values.
I am not an expert at all with Maxscript so I hope I did not bug it but, so far, it seems to work :)

macroScript weld
category:"Vinc3rz tools"
global weldDialog
global weldTreshold = 0.001
global arrTresh = #(.001,.01,.1,1,10,100)

try (destroyDialog weldDialog) catch()

rollout weldDialog "Weld" width:78 height:48
button btnWeld "Weld" pos:[2,24] width:74 height:20
spinner spnValue "" pos:[2,4] width:60 height:16 range:[0.001,100,0.1] scale:0.1
dropdownList ddlPresets "" pos:[60,2] width:16 height:21 items:#("0.001", "0.01", "0.1","1","10","100")
--label lblInfo "nothing to say" pos:[4,47] width:74 height:15
on btnWeld pressed do
for o in selection do weldMyFuckingsVertex o spnValue.value
on ddlPresets selected itm do
spnValue.range = [.001,100,arrTresh[itm]]
print spnValue.value
CreateDialog weldDialog pos:[85,385] style:#(#style_titlebar, #style_toolwindow, #style_sysmenu)

function weldMyFuckingsVertex o weldTreshold =
if(classOf o==Editable_Poly) then
o.EditablePoly.SetSelection #Vertex #{1..(o.verts.count)}
o.weldThreshold = weldTreshold
o.EditablePoly.weldFlaggedVertices ()
o.EditablePoly.SetSelection #Vertex #{1..1}
--lblInfo "not editpoly !"

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Set welding value higher than 1 ??

Thank you so much for this great script, it is a real time saver !

But I'm surprised I can't set values higher than 1 ... is it normal ?

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Works great in 2014!

Just what I needed for those nasty rhino imports:)

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works great now...thanks for

works great now...thanks for the addition of the dropdown box options, nice touch...will be using this all the time.

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to > airbrush

thanks for the report, i think it's now works

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It's now select only vertex

It's now select only vertex #1 after the weld ;) (i will try to find how unselect all)

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