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Sergo Pogosyan

Two simple scripts for simplifying work with spline vertices.

  • Connect Two Vertices - connects two ending vertices with new segment.

  • Select First Vertex - selects first vertex in selected spline sub-object.

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  • Connect Two Vertices Select two ending vertices and run the script. Vertices will be connect with new segment. New segment's vertices and selected vertices should be welded by hand.
    Script considers only ending vertices, so you can freely select all vertices in spline opening area and run the script.
  • Select First Vertex This script helps you to find opening in large splines. In spline sub-object level select the spline and start the script. Sub-object level will be switched to vertex level and the first vertex of the spline will be selected. All other vertices will be deseleted.


Unpack archive and run script with the Maxscript -> Run Script command. This script installs two script that you could find in 'Sergo Pogosyan' category. Alternatively you can install script separately, by running each script with same command.

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Make sure you have at least

Make sure you have at least one spline sub-object selected.
When there is no spline selected script just does nothing without error.

Can you reproduce the error? If yes, please, describe the steps of the process so that I could get the same error message.

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when i use "select first

when i use "select first vertex" it show me an error  ....why?




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I tried your script "Connect

I tried your script "Connect two vertices", but only one of the two vertex weld properly. I tried to changed the threshold inside the script but without success...

By the way, very useful script, thanks and i let you know if i find from where came my problem.

CG Generalist

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Now works, thanks!

Now works, thanks!

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right click this link

right click this link (similar to one given at the end of description) and choose save as command

veneta's picture

I cannot download the

I cannot download the script... would you reupload? Thanks!

sergo's picture script script fails. It doesn't copy scripts to the user's script folder. I will work on this to make some useful installer.
Now just run the scripts separately to install scripts correctly.


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