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Lets you control the view you're currently seeing in the viewport in a handy dialog box.

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Warnings And Bug Reports:

Feel free to install and use these scripts - however - I can't be held responsible for any problems that arise from their use. I will try and fix bugs or add features that people want - but I have limited free time and so can only promise to do my best. Before submitting a bug report - open the script in question in a text editor and look under the 'Known Issues' section to make sure your bug isn't already mentionned as something I'm aware of. Thanks.


All the scripts come packaged into a single zip file of interconnected scripts - - which includes all the scripts in the rest of the table below. Please download the most recent zip file only - and extract then into your 3dsmax root directory - for example - c:3dsmax. Make sure you have recurse subdirectories on (it's also called 'Use Folder Names' in more recent copies of winzip). The zip will then install a bunch of files and directories...

* c:3dsmaxscriptsSoulburnScriptsimages: This contains images required by the scripts.
* c:3dsmaxscriptsSoulburnScriptslib: This contains libraries of functions required by the scripts.
* c:3dsmaxscriptsSoulburnScriptspresets: This contains presets for the scripts - which you can save by hitting the 'SaveDef' button on any of the UI versions of the scripts. Don't edit any of these files unless you know what you're doing.
* c:3dsmaxscriptsSoulburnScriptsscripts: The scripts.
* c:3dsmaxuiicons: Adds a bunch of icons - they all start with the word 'SoulburnScripts_'.
* c:3dsmaxuimacroscripts: the SoulburnScripts.mcr file.

To uninstall the scripts - just delete all the files mentioned above. To install a new collection - just download the new zip and unzip them again into your 3dsmax directory - saying overwrite current files.


All of these scripts are run as macroscripts - ie - as buttons - keyboard shortcuts - quad menus - etc - just go to Customize - Customize User Interface - category SoulburnScripts. You can also use the macroscript called 'soulburnScriptsLister' to run any SoulburnScript. All scripts can be run in one of three modes...

* UI Mode. Which brings up a user interface floater that lets you modify parameters before running the script.
* Default Mode. Runs the script using the current default values. To change the default values - open the script first in UI mode - modify the values - hit 'SaveDef' to save the defaults - then close and run the script in default mode.
* Argument Mode. This is for maxscripters only - it lets you run the script by supplying it with your own set of values. This lets you integrate these tools into your own tools - or to bypass the default system.

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9, 8, 7
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kurson's picture

hey! the link don't

hey! the link don't work

animo luego existo

Dannat121's picture

Hi Neil, First off I just

Hi Neil,
First off I just wanted to say thanks so much for these awesome script tools. They all Rock! I do have a small bug in this particular one. It seems that when I place the file in my script folder and open up my scene all of my DDS map files are missing and when i take that one file out those DDS map files reappear. Not sure why this is happening but if you could get a fix for this I would definitely appreciate it. This is one of my favorite tools to use and not to have it would be ashame. But again all your tool rock man keep bring them out!

Dan H.

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