Vray Quick-Render

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Alexander Kramer (Kstudio)

"Vray Quick-Render" the utility for creating fast preview test-renderings.
It help you make fast test-renderings for setup lights and tuning materials.
All changes for Vray will be applied only on render-time.
Your settings for Vray not will be change.

*Available only for VrayMultistageRender users


Quick-Render Settings

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Included to Trackscripts pack.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008 and above
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Hi, i try install and

Hi, i try install and un-stall twice but have no luck, keeping receive error when i try to create a button and drag it to the tool bar..

Is this script support 3ds max design 2014?


Jackie Teh
website: https://www.sporadicstudio.com/

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Vray Quick-Render

Great script, it actually did cut my render time in half. Thanks a lot!

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Change vray normal settings if Undo used

As I mentioned here earlier I used your nice script for a long time and I'm happy with it - thanks!. But from time to time I had issue - normal vray settings replaced by the ones Vray Quick Render used for it's job and Max keeped them changed after render is done. Only now I found the moment when it happens :)
3DS Max stores settings changes which VQR does as a command in Undo list, it stores changes to the settings which VQR uses. So, if this action has been undone and hasn't been redone Max keeps changed vray setting as a normal ones.
Is it possible to make Max NOT to store VQR's changes in Undo command list? Because if I want to undo something I've done before I rendered scene with VQR I have to set my normal vray settings again.

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wonderful script saving you a

wonderful script saving you a lot of time.But when he Demarré it gave me an error message (output path: does not exist aborting render) my system is windows 7 on the C: drive. but the vray quick render script is programmed to the path D: drive please help me. Excuse the bad language I do not speak English only speak French Thanks Alex Kramer.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Vray Quick-Render for Vray 3.2

Hi. Script is very useful and I was using it for a long time with vray 2.xx. Now I try to use it with vray 3.2 and noticed that it doesn't affect GI settings. It just uses settings from scene render setup. Also buttons S and G do not do their job.
Do you plan to update this handy tool? Would be great.

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Vray Quick-Render

Thanks Alexander,
Interesting render workflow script, thanks!

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Yes - this is a free

Yes - this is a free script.

"Quick-render" included to Trackscripts pack.

You can find it on download page.

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