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Klaas Nienhuis

The vrayColorTool will insert vraycolormaps into every available textureslot in the diffusechannel of a material. The new vraycolormap will hold the appropriate colorvalue. This wil enable artists to convert materials to a gamma-oriented workflow. The script will also remove the vraycolormaps if needed.

The interface lets you alter scenematerials, materials in the editor or materials from selected objects. Either change all of the materials in the list or pick the ones you wish to alter.

Updated: fixed minor bug to support "dent" texturemap and sets the gammacorrection to "specify" and the value to 2.2 before adding a color. This will correct the color.
Updated: added support for the tiles-texture and vrayLightmaterial

Additional Info: 

The script holds a list with propertynames of the diffusecolor, diffusemap and enabled property of materials and of the color, map and enabled properties of a lot of maps (standard max and vray currently).
There's no support yet for any other texturemaps but these can be added easily: just do it yourself.
Script has been developed and tested on max2008 32 bit

Version Requirement: 
max 8 and up (needs .NET)
Other Software Required: 
Vray 1.5 rc5 (rc4 will crash!)
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